Blackberry battery not charging red cross


This sign appeared immediately, and again after hourse charging I can not turn the handset on.

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Assuming now the handset is the problem and not the battery? Anyone know what to do? Go to Solution. Clean the contacts on the battery and all the ports on the phone using an artists paint brush or new toothbrush. Weirdly, and I accept no responsibility for any damage that doing this may cause, this thread on Crackberry advises that dropping or hitting the phone will make it work again after seeing this fault: Putting another battery in should work, so long as it is of the same specification for that phone. Just because the 2nd battery fits doesn't mean it'll work.

The advice given above is worth trying, but generally i would suggest buying a new genuine battery, they don't cost much. It could of course simply be a problem with the contacts between the phone and the battery. If you have a recent backup of the phone, and you dont mind starting from scratch again, you could try one of the following solutions: Cookies on O2 We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products.

It will eventually come off. Patience is the key to success. After removing the bad capacitor, go ahead and do a continuity test at the battery terminals. There should not be any short-circuit.

Why does my phone show a red lined battery symbol? - Blackberry Curve - iFixit

Rather, the multi-meter should read around 1. Reverse the probes negative probe to positive terminal and positive probe to negative terminal and try again, this time you should have a reading of around 0.

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At this point, you can test if the phone boots up. Connect the ribbon cables back and plug in ONLY the battery. You may leave the track ball disconnected. Upon inserting the battery, the indicator LED on the top right corner should turn red for about a second followed by the OS loading. Pay close attention to the polarity when connecting the battery! Accidentally reversing the polarity may destroy your motherboard! An issue I ran into was that, I did not know the value of the damaged capacitor.

But generally, between 10 uF to uF capacitors is used for power line filtering.

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The only SMD capacitor I had close to the size of the damaged capacitor was size , 4. Having something there is better than having nothing. And since there was enough space to safely solder this size, I decided to use it. Prior to re-soldering the new capacitor, add a tiny bead of solder to the existing solder pad. This can be done with a normal fine soldering iron if you are using solder wire. Else, a tiny drop of solder paste will do. If it indicates a short after soldering, you may have created a solder bridge. Add a dab of flux to ease solder flow and reheat the component.

Once you are done and there is no short circuit indication, pop in the battery and test the phone. If anyone knows the exact value of the damaged capacitor for this phone model, kindly post in the comment section. Thank you. Once you are happy with everything, re-assemble your phone. This step is just the reverse of the disassembly process and is pretty straight forward.

Just make sure you do align and plug in the connectors properly. If it does not go in fairly easily, do not exert excessive force. Unclip, align and try again. Again, do not use excessive force on the plastic parts as they have clips which may break and DO NOT over tighten the screws. This is a simple fix as all you need to do is a system restore using Blackberry desktop manager. When I connected the phone to my laptop, Blackberry desktop manager displayed a communication error message and prompted an update, which I followed. When I clicked 'Get update' however, I got an error message and everything cancels.

After flashing and reassembling the phone, the flash LED would light up upon inserting the battery and stay on even if the phone was turned off.


Turns out it was a bug in the firmware. So I re-flashed the phone with the latest firmware and that did it after a few hours.


After re-flashing the phone, the flash LED would still be on but fluctuating. I left the phone on a table for a few hours and sure enough, it went back to normal. Reply 3 years ago.

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Reply 3 years ago on Introduction. Try the troubleshooting steps described in this instructable. If everything checks out, its most probably other damaged components. In that case, I cannot be of much help if I don't have the phone to look at, Sorry. I have no need to fix one of these, but thought I would read anyway. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction.

Blackberry 8900 Curve Crossed Battery Icon Fix

By Nawaz Follow. While going through this thread on Blackberry Forum, I noticed a trick which I tried and worked for me. Take your battery out. Connect your BB to the mains charger. After few minutes, reinsert your battery without disconnecting it from the mains charger and leave it till it powers on by itself. Might take up to 20 minutes or more to reboot. Jasmine Claise.

Yup it works i just tried it out right now.

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