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So with base files and german translation you would get german and english keyboard and word predictions t9. Let's say you speak Russian, too I don't need to download it, because I have the original file I uploaded here. And I don't need to test it, because I know what it looks like and I know it doesn't work. As soon as I have a fix I will upload it. Thank you very much delight teams. How can i remove Strategist camera mod please? I don't understand what you mean. Please be more precise than one sentence descriptions.

Thank you Has been successfully But I can not find mif files in rofos2 and core Do you tell me where to find it? I am sorry for bad english. I am looking for mif files to change widjets skin's. And i want to enable clock app cash please. I am not even sure there is a clock cache. Thank you for explain. I even refurbished the phone with 6. As you can check on the following screenshot, the result is very far from readable: Why not simply make the original Belle email widget available? I have to apply this fix every time I flash my N8 with new firmware, otherwise I have frequent disconnects with the APs I use and noises on my Bluetooth headset due to Wifi-Bluetooth interference - The Weather widget was removed, but the Weather app is still there - Nokia Public Transport is a truly great app for those lucky to be in a covered city that sadly is currently broken.

In this AAS thread a couple of links to working copies: This version is better than the one in the Nokia Store, and it works beautifully well. It's one of those apps that beats in accuracy any equivalent in Android and iPhone I've seen. Xeon has fixed it http: It would be nice if Delight bundled it. Congratulations for the great work. You deserve a donation. The result is no eye candy, but much better readability: Guys, Is it possible to add Slovak language for "read caller id"? When I have phone language set up for Slovak, it just ignores ringtone and always uses nokia default one.

If I switch to English, this feature works nicely and also uses selected ringtone, not the default one. Any ideas how do I fixit? If it is a app you installed, then look for the resource file for it in the place you installed it. Most probably under C: Thanks for your reply Eric, but I don't think I installed that stuff myself. If you go to "Profile" and choose let's say "General" you will find a row there called "Read callers ID". As far as I know that stuff is part of the OS itself, the problem is I don't have Slovak language for that voice.

If you select English UK, there is only one voice called "Martin". What I need is the way how can I add Slovak voice in there, could be Martin as well it doesn't really matter. Any idea where do I find that resource file? I am quite new to this stuff as I did the refubrish on Saturday, so I would really appreciate if you could be more specific: As such I can confirm that Slovak pack works nicely on N8.

Nokia never provided a Slovak voice. Hmm that strange then, because it was working nicely with the original firmware.


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I don't mind having English voice in there, it's just not working with the Slovak language pack. If you switch to English it works not the voice but general phone language. So my assumption is that there is some strange shortcut in the firmware that is trying to use some none existing file.

So to sum this all up: Always uses nokia tune ring tone regardless of what you choose yourself in the profile settings. Another strange thing is that first ring is loud, but then it turns volume down radically, you can't even hear it. No problems, it rings selected ring tone , no volume downturn. UK english with UK voice, All works as it should. I don't say it's life critical feature, but my girlfriend likes it and she is bothering me now because it was working with the original FW.

You guys can imagine it's hard to explain why it's not now. Any ideas? This Cfw is clean, simplified, very fast and lovely. I recommend to all N8 users. Also this cfw deserve a donation. Good job I have 2 guestions: I added icons on HS, but they don't have text below them. There is something that i need to do for that?

Or is a "feature"? Thanks for help and for your great job. Hello again, I come back with news. The wifi logo appears when i add a wifi network in access point. If i delete the saved network, the logo dissapears. Also when i'm turning off the wifi, the logo dissapears. I have installed "text under hs2.

I restarted the phone, but when i add a shortcut into HS, it's only showing the icon without text. There is other setting to do after install? I also refurbish the phone after a hard clean. No change to show a text below icons in HS. In this moment that logo works like in android OS. This is how it should be? Ok, i got it, now it works. Thank you very much. I didn't use until today any other delight cfw so I don't know if this was in the past releases. In another way of discution, can I use Rofs3 from v6. Right now i tested the volume adjustment with some music on my headphones and at low volume, the music is too loud.

Hello again, I just ran Update Software to flash the 6. Tried this cfw and it's the best! But I can't install Facebook Mobile. Tried it with rompatcher patches off and still not successful. Please help. I also tried to install facebook from ovi store and downloaded from facebook, but no change to work.

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If i install the N8 Ofw, it works without problems. The file in my case is a. When i hit install it appears a error message: Error occured. Internal communication problem. I also had exactly the same problem with another Java app: It looks like Delight 6. The workaround I used was to download the.

I have the same problem! Your work is very good,you can add a new useful lockscreen to next versions! Had a minor glitch this morning, phone rebooted itself after sending an sms, other than that the cfw is amazing, can't believe Symbian can be this fast, I can only imagine how fast Delight works on Nokia I want to send you the firmware upload China's symbian BBS, let more people know that we have fought hard for symbian. Is that ok? E7 is being made currently. I am nearly done. Just minor flaws and the special hardware keyboard optional rofs3's.

I released a Test version yesterday and it took me all day today. But now I figured it out. So I figured it will be: Rofs2's with Ui translations and rofs3 with extra writing files and hardware keyboard files I was really surprised that all went as planned and it took me merely 4 day by now. I looked for 3 or 4 hours straight, but I haven't found the bug yet. I hope to take time and re-do the chinese sets. They are a mess. But they are the hardest to do. I am the first to ever achieve a chinese port to Euro firmware a year ago and afaik am still the only one.

Hello Eric, I first want to thank you for keeping Symbian alive. I was just wondering if there were anyways to add Korean to Delight for both input and writing? If you could please let me know, I would be very appreciated! All possible languages are linked in this blog post, if you can't find a language it's not supported from Symbian Belle Refresh. Hi Eric, I am loving your Delight updates. I just downloaded "Deleted Sounds" to use on my N8 Delight 6.

I am just not sure where to put the aac files. Please let me know! If you want to flash: Hi, Is there any chance that I can use a local Indian language I have its. When I change to English, it appears, but in Portuguese no. Any solution or idea? I know about this issue I will fix it in the next update on rofs2 Ui Hi I downloaded Swype again after I swtiched to 6. Anyone having this issue? Good morning Eric! Thank you for this new release! How can I do it? Can you do it please for me? Thank you! I'm waiting for your message, today I want to format the phone I hope I can: Downloaded the two languages, opened with NokiaCooker the main language, clicked on explore files, opened the folder files and backup its contens elsewhere, then opened the second rofs3 and click on explore files, then moved the backuped contens int the files folder and overwrote all, then clicked on save button.

Hi Eric, first time I use some cfw into my N8. I was running away from the typical problem with low memory in C: So, I have 15 days with your Deligth 6. And many times it is frozen in after reboot and I have to push power button 10 secs.

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Thank you for this cfw. It really work faster than ofw Belle. Which I wouldn't do. Apps to E - Private files to F: Well, the only app I have on C and beacuse it doesnt ask me where install is whatsapp. And all my personal files are in E, then I guess refurbish is going to be the option. That means use again the Phoenix software? What about restore the phone using Delight app, will restore C space too? Updates are sure to come if there is enough to update. Installed your CFW. No luck. Can not even start it. Any idea? Need FilesPlus badly We've been looking for a fix for quite a while now Which firmware are you coming from?

N8 never got FP1. Are you coming from original belle refresh? No cfw before? You are right. Coming from original refresh. Always considered it to be FP1, sorry: Well, a bit slow, to be honest, but it did what I've expected it to do. Any better alternatives for handling cloud in mind? Hi Eric, I have updated my girlfriend's N8 with from 6. Tones and Sounds are empty so she is unable to set different tones.

I tried to copy them to E: Any idea how can I get them back in?

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It's really annoying to have them together with the music files I was thinking of "Text-to-Speech" feature not working with the Slovak lang. If not, how do I add the czech files in? Do you have any procedure for that? I found that the issue with homescreen rotation is due to number of homescreens you have with different background. My gf had 10 of them, all equipped with the diff photo from the gallery, all of them x and app. When she tried to rotate homescreen, it took like seconds so almost unusable.

So I took them to the PC, resized them to x and it was way way smoother, but still some lags. Optimum is to have up to 6 homescreens with the diff background. If the background is the same on all of them, no probs. It's not a bug, I thought it's worth to mention though. Transparent Belle theme - Tools icon in the menu is from the original theme, the same with Xtras and also it would be good if the author could make an icon for the Opera and the Battery Monitor apps. Very nice and clean theme though. Good work. Keep up good work guys for Symbian's sake: I will check that tomorrow 2. Google Nokia text to speech or go to the page I referred to last time and get the czech tts sis installer.

It is very interesting for me if that would work 3. We inserted the 10 hs mod, but just on request. I would never would advise to use more than 4 hs. The less the better. If you use a battery app, then you will see that the homescreens use the most power. But I don't advise you to use a battery app either. That's known, it was a quick merge of icons and a theme when I started with Delight last year. It was just supposed to be there till Delight theme was finished. We had deleted it, but users requested it back, even though some icons were not made.

I can't get the original guy to fix it. Just realized that one friend of mine has also N8, so I called him few minutes ago and asked for "Text-to-Speech" settings as he still has original Belle FW and what? All of them work for him with the Slovak language as a default phone language. That's weird, if I use UK Eng as a phone language, it works nicely. Perhaps there is some reference missing in the FW? I tried with the Czech lang. I downloaded from the nokia support, doesn't work either. Would be great if you could sort out at least the sounds and tones stuff as that is more important or should I try to refubrish?

It's the last option though I have to check it. Sorry , but I didn't have time yet. I am working the nightshift. Refurbish won't change a thing. Refubrished, and the tones are in there, TxtToSpeech still doesnt work with Slovak. I think its time to give up. Great work , i love my old and reliable N8. With your Firmware it is much better. Great firmware!!! Awesomely good for daily use. But my problem is the volume of the music player. Its way too loud for me. Even when playing music at volume level one. Is there a way to lower the default volume of the music player? I tried the patch MoreVolumeInLoudspeaker but its still too loud for volume level one.

I update the software with new rofs3 file sound improvement , but the volume is not working as default. Because the file is correct. I refurbish and formated all the memories with the new rofs3 file, but still the same issue. All Rompatches are off. I will check the files again. Persian support has been discontiued due to stealing and mirroring and re-modding and everything else you can think of. I am sick and tired of people copying our work without permission. We put a whole lot of time and effort into these firmwares. And persian websites keep on posting our firmwares, which is good, but not with our original links, remodded, with different names, with links to donate to the thiefs.

This is my 3rd version of Delight CFW and each has been better than before. Thanks for all your hard work - Delight 6.

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  7. I want to add additional icons for 3rd party apps that aren't already included e. Hi just updated. Great stuff, now the MMS: The only problem is that the Finnish keyboard is missing again.

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    Ok, my bad for not reading all the instructions to notice the change. But I guess I forgot to exchange the file. But I know for sure that the extra writing file already has it. All you have to do is exchange the rofs3 and then you flash all the files as usual , but delete red emmc AND the uda and flash via Software Update,. So it will fix everything , but you won't lose your settings. Hi, I'm sorry if it has asked already I'm a newbie.

    But since it is pretty hard to get a working swype on N8 now, could you maybe include it in delight or as an external download, so it could just be installed instead of dealt with every time someone flashes? Or is there a way to flash without losing swype? For me Swype is the most essential app. Did you guys do anything for the battery life at all? My battery life on my N8 went from hrs to more than a day after the Delight update from Anna.

    I actually ordered a replacement battery, and now I don't even need to use it! Thank you so much! First of all if your battery life was hours, then your wlan settings were probably not set to enabled. Normally without a modded cfw average battery life is two days. Then the modded cfw in correct settings is without battery mods about half a day, then we mod the So however you use it , it is good to charge over night I installed social network: Zalo and Skype.

    But the login failed. You advice help me Phoenix popped up a window saying 'Flashing operations failed. To recover, follow these instructions Does that mean flashing Delight is a success? If updating from older Delight , not sure. It only did 1 phase I didnt pay attention to it. It's a refurbish and not update. I was running the OFW prior to flashing Delight. Is there suppose to be more? I did language changer after posting. It showed fourth stage. Did a reboot. A window saying update something. Another reboot. Didnt see any mention of fifth stage.

    After it I am facing this problem frequently. Sometimes, all the widgets and shortcuts become unresponsive on all home screen. Only hard-keys works. I also wait for more than 1 hour. But nothing works unless I reboot the phone. Also there are three Nokia Belle folders in my mass memory with same contents, than which two I can delete? Also the touch screen behaves in an sluggish manner. Please free feel to ask for any other information if you want for solving this problem such as log files, which softwares I installed I only download apps and songs from nokia ovi etc.

    Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Right now having patience. Awaiting the answer from Nokia technical expert. If they don't reply, I have the only way you suggested. I m also having the same prblm.. Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

    nokia n8 fx studio download Nokia n8 fx studio download
    nokia n8 fx studio download Nokia n8 fx studio download
    nokia n8 fx studio download Nokia n8 fx studio download
    nokia n8 fx studio download Nokia n8 fx studio download
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