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For example, it is not a supported configuration to host one copy of a given database on a byte sector disk and another copy of that same database on a e disk. Also be aware that 4-kilobyte KB sector disks are not supported for any version of Microsoft Exchange and e disks are not supported for any version of Exchange prior to Exchange Server SP1. Recently, we have noted that some customers have experienced issues with log file replication and replay as the result of sector size mismatch. These issues occur when:. This mismatch can cause one or more database copies in a DAG to fail, as illustrated below.

In my example environment, I have a three-member DAG with a single database that resides on a volume labeled Z that is replicated between each member. Thus, the the volume is currently seen by the operating system as having a native byte sector size. But what happens if there is a change in the way storage is seen on MBX-3, so that the volume now reflects a e sector size. This can happen when upgrading storage drivers, upgrading firmware, or presenting new storage that implements advanced format storage.

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SectorTest Status: Failed MailboxServer: False ActionInitiator: Service ErrorMessage: Continuous replication - block mode has been terminated. The copier will automatically retry after a short delay. Healthy ContentIndexErrorMessage: False LogCopyQueueIncreasing: False OutstandingDumpsterRequests: EXE , we can verify the definition of the error code — Log Name: Application Source: MSExchangeRepl Date: Service Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: Event Xml: Why does this issue occur?

Each log file records in the header the sector size of the disk where a log file was created. For example, this is the header of a log file on MBX-1 with a native byte sector size:. All Rights Reserved. Base name: Create time: Env SystemPath: In theory, since the sector size of disks should not be changing across nodes and the sector size of all disks must match, this should not cause a problem. In our example, and in some customer environments, these sector sizes are actually changing. Since most of these databases already exist, the existing sector size of the log stream is utilized, which in turn causes a mismatch between DAG members.

When a mismatch occurs, the issue only prevents the successful use of block mode replication. It does not affect file mode replication. Block mode replication was introduced in Exchange Service Pack 1. Why does this only affect block mode replication? When a log file is addressed we reference locations within a log file based off a log file position. The log file position is a combination of the log generation, the sector, and offset within that sector. Let us say we were creating a block for block mode replication within a log file generation 0x1A, sector 8, offset 1 — this would be reflected as an LGPOS of 0x1a,8,1.

When this block is transmitted to a host with an advanced sector size disk, the log position would actually have to be translated. On an advanced format disk this same log position would be 0x1a,1,1. As you can see, it could create significant problems if incorrect positions within a log file were written to or read from. How do I go about correcting this condition? To fix this condition, first ensure that the same sector sizes exist on all disks across all nodes that host Exchange data, and then reset the log stream.

Exchange Service Pack 1 and earlier do not support e volumes. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Replication service on each member using the Shell: Validate that all copies of databases across DAG members are healthy at this time:. Windows Server does not require a hotfix. Repeat the procedure that caused the disk sector size to change. For example, if the issue arose as a result of upgrading drivers and firmware on a host utilize your maintenance mode procedures to complete the driver and firmware upgrade on all hosts.

If your installation does not allow for you to use the same sector sizes across all DAG members, then the implementation is not supported. At this point, the DAG should be stable, and replication should be occurring as expected between databases using file mode. In order to restore block mode replication and fully recognize the new disk sector sizes, the log stream must be reset.

Set the replay and truncation lag times values to 0 on all database copies. This will ensure that logs replay to current while allowing the databases to remain online. In this example, MBX-3 is a lagged copy database. When the configuration change is detected, log replay will occur allowing the lagged copy to eventually catch up.

Note that depending on the replay lag time, this could take several hours before proceeding to next steps. Dismounting the database will cause a client interruption, which will continue until the database can be mounted. Confirm Are you sure you want to perform this action? Dismounting database "SectorTest". This may result in reduced availability for mailboxes in the database.

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On each DAG member hosting a database copy, open a command prompt and navigate to the log file directory. This step is necessary to ensure that all log files are played into all copies. Logfile base name: System files: Performing soft recovery Operation completed successfully in 0. On each DAG member hosting a database copy open a command prompt and navigate to the database directory. You must validate that the following information is correct on all database copies:.

Checksum Information: Expected Checksum: File Type: OS Version: Log Gen: Clean Shutdown Last Consistent: If the values do not match across copies for any reason, do not continue and please contact Microsoft support. Use Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus to record database locations and status prior to performing this activity.

Remove all log files from this directory first. If log files are located in the same location as the database and catalog data folder, take precautions to not remove the database or the catalog data folder.

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Remove all log files from this directory. Failure to remove all log files could result in this procedure failing, and the need to reseed this or all database copies. If log files are located in the same location as the database and catalog data folder take precautions to not remove the database or the catalog data folder. Mount the database using Mount-Database , and verify it has mounted. The error on suspending the active database copy is expected.

The suspend operation can't proceed because database 'SectorTest' on Exchange Mailbox server 'MBX-1' is the active mailbox database copy. The error on resuming the active database copy is expected. The Resume operation won't have an effect on database replication because database 'SectorTest' hosted on server 'MBX-1' is the active mailbox database.

Using Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy , reconfigure any replay lag or truncation lag time on the database copy. This example implements a 7 day replay lag time. Repeat the previous steps for all databases in the DAG including those databases that have a single copy. DO NOT proceed to the next step until all databases have been reset. Enable block mode replication. Dump the header of a log file and verify that the new sector size is reflected in the log file stream. To do this, open a command prompt and navigate to the log file directory for the database on the active node.

If the above steps have been completed successfully, and the log file sequence recognizes a sector size, then this issue has been resolved. Have ideas on how to improve CodePlex? Vote for existing ideas or submit a new one. As noted in the previous posts , there are a few elements that need to be in place before you begin: Notably, confirm that the steps outlined in the previous posts have been followed see here for the complete overview. In System Center - Service Manager , you can create a service level item that consists of queues that correspond to each service level, plus time metrics to measure and warn.

Separately, you can also send notifications to users that occur before and after a service level breach. In the Service Manager console, you can manage this process in the Administration workspace using the following nodes:. Be careful about notification, this can get out of control if they are not tested and managed in the right way. This will be from 6 am to 8 pm, all weekdays and Saturday, excluding Sundays, 4th of July and 25th of December.

However, I want to create one more queue to better illustrate the relationship between queues and SLO. In the second blog post here we defined a couple of metrics Resolution Time for Incidents and Completion Time for Service Requests out of the box. Examine the values in the form to see how the metric is defined: Created Date, End time: Resolved date. To make the metrics more specific and align it to the business, we will create two Service Level Objectives, one for Hardware and one for VIP users. I hope this introduction to Service Level Management will help you understand how these functions can be leveraged in Service Manager, and I hope this series of posts has provided a helpful overview for how Service Level Management can be implemented in Service Manager.

Looking to integrate your virtual application management with App-V 5. Visually displaying always up-to-date information on clearly laid out diagrams helps to communicate information effectively. In this post, we will see how to connect data from external sources to a diagram.

Linking data to Visio diagrams was first introduced in and has been overwhelmingly popular. Associating data with shapes on a diagram does not require any code. The important point here is that data-linked diagrams are dynamic; the data graphics change when data is refreshed in the source like Excel. To get started, we created a simple organization chart in Visio. Once we have added the data, we can change the layout to better match the data format.

As you can see, we have name, title, and photos for each of the members in our organization. Options are vast. Before you add any data to a diagram, it is a good idea to decide exactly what data you want to see, because this will define which data visualization format best fits your needs. A common task in organizations of all sizes is to track budget and spending, either by department or at the budget owner level.

In this example, we will display revenue attainment, budget, and number of employees reporting to certain people. Here is the current view of our data in Excel. Using this file as the data source, you could also link it directly to real-time budget information in a back office system such as Microsoft Dynamics and other data sources. It is important to remember that your data needs to be consistently arranged in the source, so Visio can understand all the logic behind it. For example, keep rows filled with consistent data and name all the columns in a consistent manner.

Very often, when data is not displaying appropriately in a Visio data-linked diagram, there is a problem with how this data was originally organized in the source. We linked automatically in this example, and Visio quickly associated all the shapes by unique names of each person in the chart. You may be surprised by the result--there are text links to the right of the shapes. This is the default data graphic as text. Now we can change and add data graphics to the diagram to make it look exactly as we want it.

Part 1 is here: Without these extension methods, the LINQ query operators will not be available on the DataWorkspace, and SqlFunctions will require the full namespace. We also call report. Looks like there is a horse before the cart, so we need to get the ordering correct. Month, x. Not so bad. We have quite a lot of data here, visually presented, allowing your users to know where to drill in, looking for more details. We can see how the Bel Square location is trending during the year, but what about weekly, for a given month?

Add the displayWeeklyChart function, just blow our Monthly chart, and still within the render method Note: Most charts support this powerful feature. Run it and notice that now you can click on a month to get the weekly breakdown and when we change the dates, the charts will refresh. Since reporting is typically based on aggregating large amounts of data, and you may be working with existing systems, your DBA may already have several stored procedures created, and you just need to return the results.

Lets replace the weekly query with a stored procedure. This requires an additional reference. Configuration namespace. It sure would be nice to display the names of the week. In the displayWeeklyChart, add the following code to the displayWeeklyChart function to create an array for the days of the week, and use the Kendo chart dataBound event to convert the array to the categories of the chart. Visual Studio LightSwitch enables rapid productivity for the common components of your app. However, all apps are not created equal. With our extensibility points, developers can take their app in the direction they need, including rich visualizations, leveraging aggregate data from the data source to pixels on the screen.

With some ADO. Using parameters, we can narrow the results required by the user, allowing them to drill into specific slices of data.

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Contact us about this article. SmartScreen Filter helps combat these threats with a set of sophisticated tools: Anti-phishing protection—to screen threats from imposter websites seeking to acquire personal information such as user names, passwords, and billing data Application Reputation—to remove all unnecessary warnings for well-known files, and show severe warnings for high-risk downloads Anti-malware protection—to help prevent potentially harmful software from infiltrating your computer. Stay safe! Here are a few: Next open the default. Then inside the setTimeout function we can initialize the control and then hook up the change listener.

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In order to get the data as an image from the jSignature control, we call getData and pass in the type we want back. The method returns an array with the type and the actual image data ex. Update Services Policies: Expand Forest: Right-click the Group Policy Objects key and choose New. Select OK. Create the two remaining WSUS policies in the same way. This is an optional GPO. Follow these steps only if you wish to use folder redirection. Run the following command from the Administrator Command prompt, substitute the path to the gpofix.

This documentation includes a series of articles and tutorials that provide detailed guidance on: SQL Server Team. Romero Modesto, CA J. Kravchik Raanana, Israel A. Budai Szekesfehervar, Hungary R. Black, Jr. Winter Park, FL B. Garber Madison, AL D. Harrington Enfield, Middx A. Benepal Slough, Berkshire R.

James Brighton, Sussex. Microsoft Press is releasing two new titles for IT pros who work with the Hyper-V virtualization platform: System Center Operations Manager: You can find the complete article and get all the details here: Now in the Store: Ice Age Village for Windows Phone 8. Here are the phases I will walk you through: Profile the app Use the report to identify the issue and try to fix it. After the fix, test the app by re-running it to check if animations are smooth or not. I also look at the Profiling report for the fixed app to show what has changed in the report.


Additional views which can provide further insights into the performance of the app. Social Engineering. Wikipedia defines the term engineering as follows: Morale Events About twice a year each team at Microsoft has a morale event. Office Pranks At Microsoft, we have a long tradition of office pranks.

Are you wondering what my team does for team building? In particular, our friends at Mokus Games are flattered to be nominated: Using the Windows Phone 8. Update the node in the App. LocalizedStrings xmlns: Resources; using System. Threading; using System. Globalization; using System. Diagnostics; using System. For example: GetLanguage AppResources. Parse typeof FlowDirection , AppResources. Simply put by example, ScriptCS lets me do this: Go and clone this repo: Self 0.

Autofac 0. Autofac 2. WebApi Installing packages WebApi Installation completed successfully. Added ScriptCs. WebApi, Version 0. NET 4. CreateServer "http: Wait ; Console. WriteLine "Listening ReadKey ; server. First paste this into a cmd. DownloadString 'http: What do you think? For more information on sector sizes see the following links: These issues occur when: Storage drivers are upgraded resulting in the recognized sector size changing.

Storage firmware is upgraded resulting in the recognized sector size changing. New storage is presented or existing storage is replaced with drives of a different sector size. On MBX The cause Why does this issue occur? For example, this is the header of a log file on MBX-1 with a native byte sector size: The sector size that is chosen is determined through one of two methods: If the log stream is brand new, read the sector size from disk and utilize this sector size. If the log stream already exists, use the sector size of the given log stream. The resolution How do I go about correcting this condition?

The following steps can show you how to do this with minimal downtime. Disable block mode replication on all hosts. This step requires restarting the replication service on each node. This will temporarily cause all copies to fail on passive nodes when the service is restarted on the active node. When the service is restarted on the passive node only passive copies on that node will enter a failed state. Databases that are mounted and client connections are not impacted by this activity.

Block mode replication should remain disabled until all steps have been completed on all DAG members. Launch registry editor. Please note the following about resetting the log stream: The log stream must be fully reset on all database copies. All lagged database copies must be replayed to current log.

Added twitter cards! Now, when a link to CodePlex is tweeted, these tweets will have a Twitter card with more information about the link. Learn more about twitter cards here. The column widths on the advanced issue tracker page has been improved. The word wrapping for commit messages was improved.

Kudos to Taoyue A bug related to search results being incomplete has been fixed. How Service Level Management works in SCSM In System Center - Service Manager , you can create a service level item that consists of queues that correspond to each service level, plus time metrics to measure and warn. In the Service Manager console, you can manage this process in the Administration workspace using the following nodes: The Calendar node is used to define work days, work hours, and holidays as a calendar item in the Service Manager console.

Each calendar item is a distinct work schedule that represents time available for analysts to resolve incidents and fulfil service requests. A Calendar item defines work days, work hours and holidays.

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Calendar items correspond to at least 1 SLO where it is measured by a time metric i. Service Level Management metrics area a time metric. Measure the start time and times of incidents and service requests. First metrics are defined. Response time, resolution time Response Time: The time it takes for someone to acknowledge an incident i. The time it takes for an incident to be considered solved not the same as closed and waiting for closure.

Notifications Warnings Note: Breakout Rated 4. Monster Stack 2 Rated 4.

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Gravity Pro Rated 4. Armored Drive Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Chicken Story 2 Rated 4. Logic Games Rated 4. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Additional information Published by Djinnworks GmbH. Published by Djinnworks GmbH. Developed by Djinnworks GmbH. Approximate size 3. Age rating For ages 3 and up. Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported English United States. Additional terms Terms of transaction Line Runner license terms. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Report this product Report this game to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Sign in to report this game to Microsoft. Report this game to Microsoft.

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contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone
contre jour 3-19 windows phone Contre jour 3-19 windows phone

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