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My husbands phone is the only one that does this inn the same locations as the rest and it is one of the S4s. The S5 that has the echo does it with or without a case. Also tried the remedy of changing background noise canceling as c well as putting a piece of foam inside the phone over the microphone. Still does it. I am thinking of purchasing a new microphone to see if that works. I decide to rethink this issue after reading about the new s7 not being as water proof as claimed I have replaced the screen a few times so I've been inside and know what's what.

I have also seen videos on placing a piece of business card or foam over the microphone location. I tried all of this and nothing did the trick. I have ordered and it's very inexpensive the "charging port and mic flex cable dock" because I think this is where the problem really is. It's a fragile piece and if the phone is dropped or dust or even humidity gets in it - it could cause the issue with echo in the mic. It should arrive in a couple of days and I'll let you know if it works. Also, if it still does it then it is the speaker unit. Most likely its the rubber coating over the mic located inside the case on the bottom of the phone obviously.

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Open up your phone and make sure to push the rubber in deep in to the case. There's a small hole in the rubber and in the back casing and they should align perfectly. When the phone is assembled you should not be seeing any of the rubber from the mic hole. Callers to my Galaxy II get the echo. Only after answering tap the bottom left menu; then put noise reduction to off. This works, but doesn't always stay off with future calls.

My sales person clued me in on the solution fix I don't like to carry it in my pocket with no protection even if that works.

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Timo Schnell. I am having the same problem with the international version of the S4 active. As with lots of others the problem does not exist with the backcover removed or when using phonespeaker or headset.

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But I also found that there is also no echo, when just removing the microSD card and putting back on the cover and not using phonespeaker or headset. It seems, that there is some kind of electrical interference as long as the SD is installed or some kind of incompatibility with SD cards? I just found this, hence did not try yet with diffeent vendors from SD cards or putting a "dummy" in it, just to see, if the issue also exists, if there is no actual electrical contact. I also heard from other unoffical sources, that Samsung is planning to get this fixed with a new firmware?

Yes, the callers complane so much to hear a strong echo on my Galaxy s4 active. I asked around and found a good technician that open it up and found a little plastic bent close to the mic. He put it in its place and all is fine.

Ever since contracting into my Acer Liquid 3 phone, I have echo problems. However when using the WiFi there is an echo which only the person who receives my call hears I don't hear it. Incidentally when using the network away from the house calls do not incur echos, so the problem is only when in a WiFi area. After weeks of frustration and experimenting with all sorts of ways to rectify the situation my network local shop stated they had never heard anyone have an echo on their phone and I was unique!!!!!!

I have found that if I wear the earplugs supplied with the phone or any other earplugs this actually works. The person to whom I am speaking does not hear an echo! I know it is not the ideal way to conduct a telephone conversation but belief me I find it wonderful that there is no echo, as do the people I am speaking to, and also I did find it very hard to hear and this means people are speaking directly into your ear and the volume has greatly improved.

When on Speakerphone the echo was unbearable, so I never use it. Don't need to as the earphones are great. I trust that this helps someone to solve their own problems. Worth a try anyway. Good Luck. I took the plastic gel case which came with the new phone off my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it solved the problem immediately. Turn your volume down.

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The sound from the speaker in the earpiece sometimes makes it to the microphone thru the internals of the phone. Turning the volume down will tell you if this is the problem. If it is, this is a possible fix for it Take the case off. Sometimes the sound from the speaker in the earpiece travels thru the case and reaches the microphone. Keep track of when it does and does not happen after reboot, certain callers, 3g vs 4g, cell tower Echo should not happen. Sometimes it is a physical problem with the phone.

Sometimes it is a bug in the programming of the phone. If you can't resolve it and you wan't out of your contract, write a letter to the FCC. That quickly got me out of mine with T-mobile and 3 phones all samsung S3 that had echo problems. I had a friend on T-Mobile with an older S3 with the echo problem. I fixed it using this video And see where the mic is located.. Bert Visser bertvisser. You might want do disable talkback. It's an app for disabled people. Just drag down the black bar on the top. Go to settings the wheel , then go to more at least on my s3 it is like this , after this you go to applicationmanager.

Let me know if it worked. Aundre aundrestastic. Turn down your volume.

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They can hear themselves because your car audio is too loud. If the car audio is just as loud as you are, how would the person on the other end of the phone not hear themselves? Edmond edmond. Is it occurs occasionally or all the time? Maybe your phone has a weak signal, when you answer the phone. You can try to reboot your phone, or move to a place which has a strong signal. If it still doesn't work, maybe something with the mic or antenna. You should check it carefully. I feel foolish Normal phone calls were ok. I finally looked for the small mike hole on top - after all, many of you recommend to cover it with a small piece of plastic - and then found that I had not properly removed the protective almost invisible plastic cover that the supplier had placed there to protect before shipment I removed it and now have a S4 the way Samsung designed it.

Works perfectly. For the first time in a long time! Gaspari gsbernardin. I had the same problem ,I believe that the microphone is ultra sensitive so when you have the mic close to you when speaking the other party listening. Receives an annoying echo. I'm about 6 feet ,I had my ear buds hanging from my ear to my waist,every one says they can hear me loud and clear ,maby that will work for you. I spoke with Verizon support and was told that if the headset is connected to the phone with a cord, there can be a resonance created that will cause an echo.

The solution was to go wireless.

Lydia Sinclair. When you go to make a call click on settings and check if the hearing aid mode is on. Or TTY. If they are on turn them off. That was the problem with my Samsung. My husband's MotoE acquired an echo. What removed it, was the erasing of his history, closing all his windows, which were endless, or so it seemed and then the echo was gone.

I also turned off his cookies and did all I could to stop adds as well. Me Myself. Solved echo problem. The battery on my galaxy s5 was slightly swollen, pushing the cover out. If you look at the back cover there is a gasket or seal whichever. The battery pushing out keeps it from sealing. So just get a new battery. Cheryl Scott. Try it and let me know what happens. Selecciona un Idioma: Wendy Rep: Es esta una buena pregunta?

Votado Deshacer. I also have the same problem but if i turn off the loudspeaker there was no echo. Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. Todos somos Genios.

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samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz
samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz Samsung galaxy s2 traductor voz

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