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Record with Social Live and broadcast every moment directly to Facebook. Useful for group meetings or realtime sharing with friends. Social Live also includes a conversation feed with all participants. Take a picture of an object and have the Z1 scour the web for information on your subject. This could be details on books, wine, local landmarks or a simple barcodes! Timeshift-burst lets you take 61 frames in just 2 seconds - all you need to do is pick the best one.

Perhaps you like them all? No problem, keep every one and save 2 second flipbooks of your action shots! A little bit of fun for you and the little ones.

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Include short animations and effects to your pictures and share the results with your friends! These are incredibly compact dedicated cameras in the shape of attachable lenses. Connecting to the Xperia Z1 with one-touch NFC pairing and WiFi direct, you can use the PlayMemories app on the Z1 to control the lens camera, taking the best pictures ever seen on a smartphone, ready to store and edit on the 16GB internal memory or share with the world.

PlayMemories also provides an online cloud backup. If the camera was not good enough already, further features include an F2. Powering such a smartphone is a built in mAh battery that should get you though a full day's usage, but if you find you are exhausting the battery Sony have STAMINA mode technology built into the Z1 that tweaks the settings of your phone to maximise the potential standby and usage time.

Sony Xperia Z1, C6903, 4G LTE, White

As if all of the above was not enough, Sony are offering customers an added value entertainment package. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question, if not, use the contact form below and we shall answer it for you. Yes - If you are located outside of the UK you may want to take a look at our list of FAQs for international customers on the following link: Do check the specifications to ensure compatibility in your region with your network provider. No SIM card or contract applies to this phone.

Sony Mobile Price Sony Xperia Z1.Z2,Z3,Z4,Z5 Price Normal rates Check Video

Unless the description of the product suggests otherwise I. This is the best smartphone currently available, everything that was great about the Z has been refined and boosted. Amazing camera upgrade to More waterproof then before and now with open headphone socket - how'd they do that? Speaker much better, screen fantastic, better colours than ever - nothing comes close - best processor too - buy buy buy! Sony Xperia Z1 C Overall Rating 5 Stars. Yes A great phone that I have enjoyed using since I first got it in Oct Just put in a service query to Clove, about an issue not really in their remit, but got an almost instant and very helpful response.

Many Thanks for a great phone and an even better service response. Yes This is the best smartphone currently available, everything that was great about the Z has been refined and boosted. Yes This is the best phone I have ever owned. I am very pleased with it, particularly Sony's approach of not filling the phone with its own bloatware. The watch is fun to have, but right now it is still a gimmick. Yes Great phone. I previously had the Xperia Z and I was totally happy with it.

Now Xperia Z1 is even better. New aluminum frame gives a richer feel to the phone the phone is a bit bigger and heavier though. The Sony launcher user interface on top of android is a slight upgrade of what I had on the Xperia Z with the same android version. I like the new camera its new software, especially the info-eye add-in which lets you scan business cards, books and identify landmarks.

The screen is way better than Xperia Z double the Contrast Ratio. The loud speaker is also an upgrade from what I had on Xperia Z. Big thanks to Clove for the speed of processing and delivering this in just 3 days from the UK to Egypt. Read more. There are currently no offers for this product. You can use the search box to find other similar products. Speed Equates to Power The Xperia Z1 issony'ssecond device that runs on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset, which is powered by a quad-core 2.

Sony Xperia Z1 | price in Thailand

Welcome to the first article in our series Should I Upgrade? Here, we examine if the new iteration of a device is really worth it to purchase over its predecessor.

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Today, we'll be looking at Sony's flagship Z-line and will compare the Xperia Z1, and recen Last year was a blockbuster year of technology, with new devices coming out once We've added a page with photos from the Xperia Z1 shot after a software update promising improved camera performance. Unfortunately we didn't see any improvements significant enough to make us change our original conclusion. We decided Here we are, with the review all of you have been waiting for.

Sony to open new Xperia manufacturing plant in Thailand

A few days ago, we had teased you with a shot of our Xperia Z1, and Sony's flagship's review is finally here. In our eyes, Sony has firmly hit the nail on the head with this device. Their prev We decided to take an extended look at two of the biggest camera-centric smartphones this season; Apple's iPhone 5S and the Sony Xperia Z1, from a photographer's point of view. How do the two of them fare when pitted against each other? The results are a In my eyes, the Sony Xperia Z1 is the phone of the year. Many might disagree with me, including some of our own editors, but I fail to find any place where the Xperia Z1 falters.

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  6. Ever since the days of the old, keypad, candy bar phones, many phone users had to debate the perennial dilemma — who has a better camera, Nokia or Sony? This debate slowly fizzled out as Sony adopted Android and grew bigger, while conversely Nokia adopted Let's face it.

    Amidst all the rumours about the new Nexus 5, fanfare about the Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2, there is one dark horse that is slowly but surely emerging as a top market contender. That, my friends, is the Sony Xperia Z1. Appallingly, very few of Major fingerprint magnet, Battery performance could be better, Expected better imaging performance from the hardware and software. Replacing the current Xperia Z as its premium Smartphone offering the larger Xperia Z Ultra is squarely a phablet , the Z1 touts serious updates in the areas of display qual Sony has just announced the Xperia Z1, a waterproof smartphone with a Coming nine months after the announcement of the Xperia Z , the Z1 comes with a similarly sized 5" screen, a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core 2.

    This comparison of three different smartphones is intended to help consumers make the right choice for their respective needs when choosing their next cell phone. Obviously everyone wants to get the most for their time and money, and not everyone has the Until recently, Huawei and Oppo were brand names with little to no recognition on the smartphone scene — pretty much nobody had heard about them. Things, however, have changed a bit over the past few years. Both companies have proven that they're capab Ever since the Xperia Z, released last spring, Sony adopted a six-month upgrade cycle for its flagships, issuing the Z1 in the fall, and this spring it outed the Xperia Z2.

    sony xperia z1 price in thailand Sony xperia z1 price in thailand
    sony xperia z1 price in thailand Sony xperia z1 price in thailand
    sony xperia z1 price in thailand Sony xperia z1 price in thailand
    sony xperia z1 price in thailand Sony xperia z1 price in thailand
    sony xperia z1 price in thailand Sony xperia z1 price in thailand

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