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The way you input tasks was redesigned for future innovations. Stay tuned: The tutorial was redesigned for new users: It's now simpler and more beautiful. In addition to that this update includes bugfixes. Happy New Year!


This update fixes an issue with timezones and the calendar view some users had it. Happy new year! Stay tuend! This update fixes a few bugs. Enjoy your holidays: Good morning! This update prepares a great new feature for Apple Watch. Stay tuned. Also, there are great features coming very soon! It helps a lot to make the app even better: If you have any ideas for improvements or issues, feel free to contact me via the website: This update brings highly requested features except subtasks, these follow later this month: Redesigned Apple Watch App - Completely rewritten watch app that focusses on the current day.

It was great to have ALL lists on the watch, but it turned out to crash and not sync correctly - now everything is great Apple Watch Series 4 Complications - Support for all the new complications on Apple Watch Series 4.

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Enjoy them. You can now assign days using a real calendar view.

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Also available for deadlines But people need more. You can now setup complex repeating tasks. Really complex for those, who need it. Note-Attachment Sharing - Download or share your attachments of your tasks List Summary Export - Export your tasks to a pdf - save or share wherever you want - Print your tasks as pdf Other improvements - App loads much faster on old iPads - iPad app interface improvements - Fixed a bug, that caused slow iPads to show the iPhone interface for a few seconds after launching - Animations for Tasks - Smaller bugfixes Do you enjoy Planny 2?

Old routines aren't shown for editing, but are still available inside the planning view.

Time to clean up some code before the holidays. Nothing special: If you have any ideas for improvements, feel free to contact me at kevinreutter. Planny now supports new iPad Pro models. If you have any ideas for improvements, feel free to contact me at feedback kevinreutter. If you had the issue, that some lists don't sync between iOS and macOS since last week: This is fixed!


This version of Planny fixes an issue that prevented tasks from syncing to iCloud. Sorry for that one. Planny learned Chinese! Starting today, Planny is available in Chinese language. This version also fixes some issues that were reported. Happy Birthday Planny! Planny is now one year old! This update is all about bugfixes. For example: Some people had issues when entering tasks. This is fixed now. Time to update! This update includes further improvements for Planny to Planny 2 migration. This update improves the Turkish translation, the tutorial and fixes some bugs that users reported.

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Nalanda 26 de outubro de 1: Monique 31 de outubro de Indri 14 de novembro de Igor 4 de dezembro de Mayara 6 de fevereiro de Nao sei chamar um vizinho pra minha casa: Nao sei como visitar os visinhos,me ajudem…. Heloiza 8 de maio de Alloma 3 de junho de Raquel Borges 5 de junho de Ana 24 de junho de 3: Paloma 27 de julho de 3: Karol 15 de julho de Edja 13 de agosto de 3: Joana dantas 22 de outubro de Gostaria de saber como e que faco o meu sim usar a chorrasqueira do parque entre as 6h e as 10h. Carina 29 de janeiro de Victor 15 de maio de Re 9 de junho de 8: Felipe 17 de junho de Como se faz para ter dinheiro infinito no aipad?

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todo o iphone tem rastreador Todo o iphone tem rastreador
todo o iphone tem rastreador Todo o iphone tem rastreador
todo o iphone tem rastreador Todo o iphone tem rastreador
todo o iphone tem rastreador Todo o iphone tem rastreador
todo o iphone tem rastreador Todo o iphone tem rastreador

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