Dooors game iphone level 36


Open the door and exit. Those little guys are dancing.

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You should dance, too Shake your device up and down until all the green bars above the door are lit up. Look at the anchors above the door There are six poles along the foreground, one for each anchor If the anchor is points up--or has two pegs--leave the pole up. If the anchor is points down--or has one peg--push the pole down. Doing the math, that's 4, Tap each of the four squares to change the number of dots to match the sum From left to right, the arrows should point The pattern that appears looks like numbers: When a ball is in the grey shaded band, tap it to stop it.

You must act quick to solve this one When all four balls are stopped inside the shaded area at the same time, the door will unlock. Quickly open the door before the balls start moving again. There's a lightswitch behind the plant on the right; move the plant and turn the lights off. Now turn the lights back on and tap each button as was shown: Slide the knob on the left into the lowest position.

This removes one set of bars. Open the door and go on through. Tilt your device all the way on its side and look at the pattern above the door Each symbol is at an angle, so think of the shape more than how it's oriented. Change the symbol on each of the four buttons to match X, H, upsidedown Y, X.

Zoom in on the metal panel in the foreground; note that its handle is missing bolts Back up and tap the handle to raise the box. Change the color on each button to match the colors of the marked balls: Your goal is to move the yellow square up and out of the grid on the door. From the starting point, the yellow square in the center, swipe Then tap the door to open it and exit.

Swipe right to slide the large Easter Isle statue head in the foreground out of the way. The head on the left should face right. The head on the right should face left.

100 Doors Challenge

Zoom in on the paper on the desk on the left Back up and adjust each of the four knobs so they resemble the clue: Top Left Square: Bottom Left: Top Right: Bottom Right: There's a lightswitch barely visible in the lower left corner of the wall Tap the lightswitch to turn out the lights. Notice the symbols that light up on the wall. Turn the lights back on. From the starting position a heart , tap each button Then, tilt your device to the left to force the ball off the tracks and out of your way.

Examine the green-knobbed cupboard on the top right side of the door Back up then zoom in on the pink-knobbed cupboard on the bottom left side of the door: Zoom in on the yellow-knobbed cupboard on the top left side of the door: Inside you see the green key, but you don't need that. LOOK more closely inside the blue cupboard: If you hold your finger on the button on the left, the green bar will fill.

The clue on the right side of the door tells you how far to fill the bar Do this four times until the door unlocks.

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Tap the marked white tile on the floor to turn it pink, causing a clue to show above the door. After successfully tapping five green-lit buttons in a row, the door will unlock. With the dinosaur gone, you can safely open the door and exit. Press the button above the door A Russian phrase appears in the box.

Using up or down swipes, change the colors to the left of the door to match the Russian flag: Now that you have the 4-digit number, tap the squares on either side of the door to change the number of dots showing: Tap each of the four buttons to change the direction its arrow is pointing Lift up the cushions on the left side of the room and examine the pattern underneath: Tap the top left and bottom right buttons to checkmark them. Back up, open the door, and exit. Tap a button and watch as a ball is tossed in the background Tap the colored buttons to match the tossed ball six times in a row to unlock the door.

The solution to this puzzle changes each time you play it. Note the time on all the clocks. There is one decoy clock. Now study the bookshelves and take note of a few important features Each shelf has a different number of books on it from 1 to 6. The shape of the bookcase resembles the shape of a xylophone. Zoom in on the xylophone on the left side of the scene From largest to smallest There is a hole in the wall to the right side of the door; zoom in on it: Turn the newly formed crank.

Open the door to see a tangle of branches.

DOOORS 5 - room escape game - Level 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough

With a swiping motion, slide up the pitchfork to move the wall up. Tilt your device to the left, causing the ladder to slide over to the right side of the sceen. Pull down the upper wall using the pitchfork again and make a note of the clue Arrange the balls on the table according to the clue: Having trouble with level Anyone out there have the solution?

For lv Top left and bottom right. Well that seems way simpler than what I was making it out to be. Now stuck again on 37 lol. Level 21 has me stumped.


Hint, anyone? Never mind!

I thought I'd tried swiping with two fingers. Go figure. Ace, if you're still stuck on level Another good one and hope for more levels. Email Address. Remember personal info? Some notes about leaving Comments: Please consider creating a Casual Gameplay account if you're a regular visitor here, as it will allow us to create an even better experience for you. Sign-up here! The first-signal system activates! Caution Bio-Hazard! Caution Wet Floor!

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This is a very fun game that making by Japanese and this will make you keep thinking and finding the way to go into the door. You have to pass all the 35 doors to complete all the level. You need to find out the way to open the door, most of the time you need to slide, tap, shake, or balance your phone to pass the level. Share my life. Share this page: What is the system requirement for Diablo 3? Last Updated: Popular Now: Logo Quiz Cheats. Logos Quiz Answers.

dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36
dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36
dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36
dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36
dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36
dooors game iphone level 36 Dooors game iphone level 36

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