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Sale Alert See at Hayneedle. Logic Mark Guardian Emergency Phone. Logicmark Guardian Alert Panic Phone. Sale Alert See at Walmart. Wuhan Union Medical Technology Co. Diamond Member. Less Than 5m Size: Hong Kong Yushengchang Technology Co. Parking Sensor Function: Anti-Sleeping Type: Balance Material: Shenzhen Haiwang Sensor Co. GPS Accuracy: Red Standby Time: Class Quad Band: IP67 Waterproof Battery Life: One Slot Battery: Shenzhen Yushengchang Technology Co. Model Number: V6 Color: Black Host Weight: Guangdong, China Frequency: Shenzhen Haoday Technology Co.

Class 12 GPS Accuracy: Imaging Diagnostic Equipment Type: Ssyjxzz Display: AC and DC Size: Guangzhou Maya Medical Equipment Co. Audit Content: General Information Foreign Trade Capacity. Depending on your need, a neighbor or loved one may be contacted and show up to help you, or an ambulance, fire truck, or police officer will be dispatched. The wearable device has integrated microphones and speakers for communication and many of them are mobile and can be taken wherever you go.

Some monitored medical alert systems come with a fall alert. That means the system is designed to automatically detect if you should fall. Non-monitored medical alert systems are set up in a similar manner.

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If the button is pushed on your wearable device, a signal is sent to the base set up inside your home. Instead of contacting a live person for help, the system will typically call through a series of pre-programmed phone numbers you selected until someone answers for you.

The phone numbers are ones you choose and can be anyone from your next-door neighbor to Some systems will allow you to speak with the person who has been called. There are non-monitored systems that have fall detection. As soon as it detects that you have fallen, it will trigger a signal and call through your contact list.

Medical Alert Systems: Who They Are Best Suited For

Anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in their home is a candidate for a medical alert system. A medical alert system can give you peace of mind. Our balance and lower limb muscle strength naturally decrease, causing our risk of falling to increase. The CDC says one out of every five falls causes a serious bone break or head injury in senior citizens.

The fear of a traumatic brain injury or a hip fracture can be great. And for good reason, falls are the most common cause of brain injuries and more than 95 percent of broken hips are caused by falling. Getting older can also mean more medication to take. Some of the side effects of many common medicines can cause dizziness, drowsiness or other impairments that trigger balance issues and lead to falls.

So, for instance, if your high blood pressure medication causes you to get dizzy when you stand up, in addition to your general carefulness, a medical alert system may add an extra safety net for you. If you find your memory lacking or you become disoriented, a medical alert device is something you should strongly consider.

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Some mobile devices come with GPS location detection and tracking built-in. If you are still independent enough to drive or frequently get out and about, this feature will allow someone to find you should get lost, get hurt, or need medical assistance. The fear of falling is certainly a big reason, but not the only reason to consider getting a medical alert system. While most companies use this as a motivator in their marketing to seniors, being able to call someone if you do take a tumble is certainly not the only protection the devices offer.

Medical alert systems will allow you to call for other types of emergency help, as well. If a fire breaks out inside your home, you can use your device to contact the fire department. Some systems even monitor for fire, smoke or carbon monoxide inside your home. If your home is broken into or there is something suspicious going on in or around your property, a push of the button will help you get in touch with the police. There are also systems that offer a daily wellness check-in service either electronically or with a live representative call from the monitoring company. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there, and the chances of finding one that you can afford is very likely.

Learning new things is not always easy. And that ends up being a waste of money and puts you at risk. There are very few things in life you wear every day. But in order for your medical alert system to work effectively, you will have to wear your wearable all the time.

You can choose a device that you feel most comfortable with. They blend in well and look more like accessories than a way to call for help. When choosing your device, there are some features you will want to look for and consider. Medical alert devices are significant safety features, so you want to make sure you like what you purchase, and it works best for your needs. The combination of tile or linoleum and water in a bathroom can create a place ripe for falls and injuries.

The last thing you want is to be in need of help and have a dead battery on your device. Most systems and devices have a battery life that will last a week up to a month before needing to be recharged. Medical alert systems either operate through a landline or cellular service. A landline service operates through your traditional telephone line covering a range anywhere between and 1, feet. That may work for most homes, but if you live in a large house, the system may not cover all your square footage, or it may not cover your yard or garage.

If you choose cellular coverage, it should work anywhere there is cell service. It does you no good if you have a monitored medical alert and no one answers when you call. Look for a monitored service who has medically trained representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, days a year.

As mentioned, many monitored and non-monitored systems come with fall detection. Technology allows the device to automatically detect if you fall. It will call for help without you having to do anything. Manufacturers of medical alert systems say fall detection on the devices has an accuracy rate of 95 percent.

Mobile Guardian GPS Medical Alert System

GPS tracking is a great technological advance that is offered on many medical alert systems. It can pinpoint your location and make it easier for someone to find you, should you need help. Not all companies will let you add spouses on the same plan and in some cases fall alert is usually not included. There are plenty of brands of medical alert systems on the market, but there are only a handful of companies that have a long or significant history in the industry and are more often, the companies you see advertise their products regularly.

They offer monitored services that require you to pay a monthly fee and operate via a wearable device. If the button is pushed on the device, it sends a signal to the base and a live representative from one of the companies will speak to you through the intercom system. If price is a concern for you, Bay Alarm Medical may be your best choice, with high-quality home-based and portable options at a number of affordable price tiers.

They offer in-home systems, mobile GPS devices and in-car medical alerts. Bay Alarm Medical offers a risk-free trial of 30 days and a full refund, minus the shipping costs, if you cancel during the trial period. The cost and coverage will be added into your plan. In-home systems can be operated through either a landline or cellular service. The system offers two-way communication with its speaker and microphone on the system base. The systems have battery backup that will last up to 32 hours, in the event of a power outage.

The device is waterproof and works up to 1, feet. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. The buttons are expected to last five years without needing to be recharged. But if the battery starts running low, the button sends a signal to the monitoring station, and Bay Alarm Medical will send you a brand-new button for free. They are waterproof and are typically installed in bathrooms but can be used in any room of the house.

The device has GPS location tracking and the battery lasts for up to 72 hours on a single charge. For five dollars more, your family members can access your location or location history through the GPS tracking portal. The in-car medical device works in any vehicle. It has automatic crash detection, response and real-time vehicle monitoring, and trip history. For those who can easily operate a smartphone or flip phone GreatCall is worth a look. They combine the convenience and portability of cell phones with some ingenious innovations, including phones and apps specially designed to be used by seniors.

Unlike most medical alert services, the cellular coverage is through Verizon. The Jitterbug Flip works like a traditional flip phone. It has bigger buttons and a brighter screen to make it easier to use. It has a voice dial option that allows you to make the calls you need without using your fingers. The price of the phone starts around 75 dollars, plus a 35 dollar activation fee. Your monthly fee will cost you around 25 dollars. The battery life can last up to 24 hours. The Jitterbug Smart 2 works much like any other smartphone whereas you can access the internet from the device.

It has a large screen, which makes it easier to see and a long battery life. Instead of using your fingers, you can say what you want to communicate, and the text can be typed out for you. The price for the phone is around dollars, plus the activation and monthly fee. This device works more like a traditional, wearable medical alert. You can clip it to a belt or pocket, wear it on your wrist or around your neck. This wearable device looks like a watch and can work through your smartphone, as long as you have an Android 4.

With the push of a button it will contact the Great Lively monitoring center who will determine the help you need. Pricing starts around 50 dollars for the device, plus the activation and monthly service fee. Whether you require medical monitoring in-home, away from home, or both, LifeStation provides a user-friendly experience at a relatively low cost. The medical alert systems from LifeStation fall into three categories: The in-home system works like many others. The battery for the button can last up to five years before it needs to be replaced.

This system will cost about 27 dollars a month for the standard plan but runs around 42 dollars a month if you add in fall detection. This device can go wherever you do.

Top 3 Medical Alert Companies

The small, lightweight pendant can attach to your clothing or be worn, and the built in GPS can track your movements and help find you, should you get lost or disoriented. The standard plan for the mobile with GPS plan is around 25 dollars and does require an activation fee. The plan that offers fall detection will cost 35 dollars a month and the activation fee is waived. Medical Alert offers many of the standard configurations for medical alert systems, including wearable signaling devices that go through a base station to reach an emergency call center, and an attractively designed mobile option that will contact the call center directly from anywhere with mobile service.

Medical Alert offers a day trial and a full refund within that period. They provide you with prepaid shipping labels when you order. The medical alerts come in standard systems that work off landlines, cellular base stations and mobile units with GPS. This type works off a landline from a base unit and functions like most others.

You wear a device, push the button if you need help and a Medical Alert representative will assess your situation and call for the help you need. The call button battery lasts more than five years. Pricing starts at 22 dollars a month. Pricing starts at 33 dollars a month. The mobile device with GPS, called MobileElite, allows you to go wherever you want and still gives you the protection you desire. It comes with an interchangeable, wearable neck and wrist button that has a battery life of 36 hours.

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