Iphone ringtones scotland the brave

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Scotland The Brave

Originally Posted by Kiltedfirepiper. And those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts. And, if He does not turn their hearts, may He turn their ankles, so we shall know them by their limping. Try this site. I've been hacking cell phone software for years used to work for a provider All of my ringtones are trimmed-down sections from MP3s usually just the chorus I have One is just the pipes playing the main part of Scotland The Brave, and the other is the same with the full punk band playing along. All free, easy, and sound great.

Mine sounds like the old phone booth phones ringing Rob. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Remember Me? All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. Results 11 to 20 of 25 Thread: Privacy Policy. See more. Super Loud Ringtones. Ksoft Music. Hanuman Chalisa Hindi. Hanuman Chalisa is very powerful chant to reduce the effects of Shani and health. Nauha Lyrics. JAC Developer. Funny Sounds. MobileTino Ltd. Maybe somebody can explain to me why nearly everyone seems to think that downloading ringtones is a good idea. But for now, I have to say that I honestly don't get it. Not at all.

Guinneth 11 yrs ago.

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I'm with you! For all the reasons you gave. I've never downloaded one and I don't intend to. I also think it's kind of stupid to hear a grown person's cell phone play a Metallica tune when their phone rings I would say that this proves you and I are old esp. I love "Hazy Shade of Winter. But that's just me. Perhaps it's that I'm a curmudgeon and as often as not I find a ringing phone an annoyance. I don't want tunes I like associated with annoyance. ScottishHoosier 11 yrs ago. I just realized this would probably never happen to me. My mobile phone never rings. I'm not a big phone chatter, but since it's the only phone I have, mine does ring.

I have. With an armload of stuff. MsLadyLib 11 yrs ago. If it's inconvenient to answer in the first place, I just let it ring.

I think it's impolite to let a phone ring and ring in public. I have talking caller ID at home. All the crap goes to the machine and they usually just hang up. The cell just has ID on the screen, though. My phone is swathed in layers of who knows what in the dark interior of my purse and doesn't make all that much noise, and switches to message mode after about 5 rings, anyway.

If I had to struggle to answer it, it would have stopped ringing in any case.

Downloading ringtones--anyone else not understand the appeal?

Since so few people have my cell phone number and they, knowing me, will NOT call just to chat, I can count on two hands the number of times in the past 5 years I've let it ring. Only quick messages are appropriate. I really don't want to hear HALF your conversation, if any of it at all. Grorser 11 yrs ago. Ummmhh, well, I suppose one might consider turning off the telephone when one is in public? Then just don't have one. I agree.

When I'm in public, I often silence my phone. Otherwise, it's set to ring very quietly, and the ringtone is just a soft ringing sound, because, as I said, I won't download songs. Drives me nuts to hear people yakking away--often about quite personal matters! So many people have completely lost sight of the difference between public and private space. What she said. Back when this happened my mother was still alive. Bedridden, on oxygen support and rather frail. That's when I first bought the phone and carried it around, live and ready to ring. That's a GOOD reason, Tom-m, and so is having it live when you've left the kids at home with the babysitter, but I'm damned if I can see many other reasons to inflict a private conversation on an entire busload of people - and at the top of the voice, too.

Or in a theatre, or at the movies, ornext to someone in a queue, or at a lecture, or worst of all, in the waiting room of a hospital or clinic. Rude, rude, rude people!

Scotland the Brave

Most clinics and hospitals here want you to turn them off. They put signs everywhere asking you to do so. I use cartoon theme tunes. Or other sounds that I downloaded free a while ago. I have toyed with the idea,. Therefore I haven't bothered. I don't want to mess up my phone. Right now I have a Motorola, and the tones are OK. KrazyKatLaydee 11 yrs ago. The custodian at my school has the best ring tone ever!

Instead of ringing, his phone says in a little squeaky mouse voice, "Let me out!

Scotland Bagpipes Ringtone

I'm stuck in your pocket! GrammarBroad 11 yrs ago.

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  • My favorite: This is your cell phone! I think somebody. I don't have Bluetooth to download it, but I love it. It would probably drive everybody crazy if my phone rang a lot. Which it doesn't. Dusties 11 yrs ago.

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    Love my ring tones! All my important people have their own so I know exactly who is calling without looking. Usually the song is associated with the person who's number is attached to the ring tone For instance,, if it's my home landline the tune is burning down the house, as Ty did that when he was 2. My daughter has Cotten Eye Joe- back from her Irish dancing day's and they did a great number to that tune. Whole lotta love -for my hubby- the first kaeroke song he ever sang Where the streets have no name- for my oldest son who can never tell me the name of a strret, just the landmark..

    Renegade-for my renegade fireman!

    Scotland The Brave Ringtone by elmonje - 50 - Free on ZEDGE™

    Smoke on the water for my best friend who smokes alot of pot from a bong. Fancy- for my sister, the whore Love love love my ringtone's. Give me more! See, if it were me, I'd end up hating all those songs instead of associating them with the people I love. I just don't get it. I am not sure about others.. They call too much then! See above "busting a move". Let it be known that I am not related to Dusties! SirRoy 11 yrs ago. Couldn't live without mine.

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