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Internet Explorer for Mac was Microsoft's free web browser designed to run on Mac computers. While you can still download Internet Explorer for Mac from this page, it is important to note that the product is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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  • Microsoft's now discontinued browser for Mac.

Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, , and does not provide further security or performance updates. Since the browser is no longer designed to handle the requirements of most modern web pages, we strongly advise you to try Firefox , Chrome , Safari or Opera instead. Alternatively, just check out all of the other browsers available for Mac. However, if you really can't help yourself and are an Internet Explorer nostalgic, you might want to try it for a trip down memory lane.

However, for normal internet browsing we'd really discourage you from using it. We couldn't even render the Softonic website in it and indeed, most websites failed to load properly. Internet Explorer for Mac is incredibly slow, buggy, prone to crashes and freezing and is woefully short of security settings. Since development finished in , Internet Explorer for Mac doesn't offer even the most basic features that you would consider a prerequisite on any browser nowadays like tabs, extensions, saved sessions or private data management.

There are absolutely no compelling reasons to use Internet Explorer for Mac. If you've just switched from Windows to Mac, try one of the browsers suggested above instead. This latest version — version 5. Changes This latest version — version 5. I got a message that "this application doesn't support"!!!!! Don't use it ever.. IE is just plain trash, don't listen to people who say this is a good. IE is horrible!. Doesn't work with new MacBooks Pro or Air.

I wouldn't bother with it.

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Go for Chrome or Firefox. Not compatible with new Macs. Internet Explorer used to be pretty good browser for Windows. In my opinion Mac users do not need it. Def ault OS X browser is almost perfect. If you are looking for the alternative to Safari - Google Chrome may be a good choice. I have downloaded IE just to make sure that it is useless. You can either install it through the Ubuntu Software Center, or through apt-get:. Then, install WineTricks. The Linux SU or root user account is a powerful tool that can be helpful when used correctly or devastating if used recklessly.

Let's look at why you should be responsible when using SU. Read More. Then, installing Internet Explorer is merely a matter of running the following command, and waiting for it to complete:. There are some good reasons to be wary of installing Internet Explorer 6 on your main computer.

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It stopped receiving security updates a long time ago. BrowserStack and Sauce Labs both allow you to test websites using a variety of browsers, whilst remaining in the browser. They work by leveraging hundreds of virtual machines, each configured to run different versions of Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.

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Each of these support a broad smorgasbord of browsers, including most versions of Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Yandex, and Internet Explorer. Sauce Labs is one of the more mature options, and also has the best free trial of them all, as it allows you access to all of the possible browser choices for 14 days, no credit card required. This was a browser plugin released by Google in , in order to help companies migrate to Chrome, whilst still maintaining compatibility with their older apps. Unfortunately, Google discontinued it last year , and they removed all downloads from their site.

As a result, many sites still only work with those browsers. Just like Internet Explorer 6, you can find these browsers on sites like OldApps.

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Why bother launching Internet Explorer when you can run it in a browser tab? IE Tab is ideal Read More , which allows Chrome to mimic IE 7, 8 and 9. Unlike switching your user agent, which merely pretends your browser is IE, this actually is IE, using the same Trident rendering agent.

Feeling nostalgic for a simpler time? Curious to see what your favorite site looks like in an older browser? Or do you have to use a mission-critical web application that only works in IE6?

Internet Explorer for Mac - Download

Explore more about: Internet Explorer ,. Your email address will not be published. Is it safe to download the old IE6. Microsoft maintains a set of virtual machines preconfigured with various versions of IE for web developers to test with at https: The copies are time-restricted but freely available and can be re-downloaded.

You just need to have a supported Hypervisor VMware, Virtualbox and Parallels are all options installed.

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free download internet explorer 6 for android phones Free download internet explorer 6 for android phones
free download internet explorer 6 for android phones Free download internet explorer 6 for android phones
free download internet explorer 6 for android phones Free download internet explorer 6 for android phones
free download internet explorer 6 for android phones Free download internet explorer 6 for android phones
free download internet explorer 6 for android phones Free download internet explorer 6 for android phones

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