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Tired of muffled sound and constant nuisance calls? Take a look at our Best Buy cordless phones. But to find out whether the noise reduction works and how clear calls sound when making and receiving them, head to our Panasonic KX-TGEEN review for our sound-quality ratings. Its unique and upright design makes it look more like a torch standing on its end, rather than a home phone designed to make and receive calls.

But how easy is it to set up the call blocking and how well does it actually work in practice? The answering machine can be accessed from the handset or the base station, and it can block specific numbers and categories of calls, for example international, withheld, unavailable numbers and calls from payphones.

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The VTech CS is a great no-frills phone. Best for Business. VTech CS The best thing about the Panasonic KX-TGEB is its blend of useful features and customizable settings, along with its easy-to-use interface. This cordless phone system includes an answering machine and three handsets, which can be expanded up to a total of six. The handset features a large digital display with a high-contrast, black and white readout. The buttons follow the same color scheme and are backlit for easy dialing, even in the dark.

On the left side is a headset jack for hands-free talking. You can also use the handset speakerphone, but sound quality is better through the wired connection. You can block up to numbers with this feature if you subscribe to a caller ID service from your phone company. It took 5.

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Call block button. While not as feature-rich as other products we tested, the VTech CS has all the basic features you need in a phone. Two features you might miss, however, are an answering machine and backup power.

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Though landline phones can work during a power outage, this model does not have a backup battery that allows the base to transmit calls to the cordless receiver. The VTech handset is on the small side and feels a bit more like a remote than a phone. It features a digital display and backlit buttons, but we noticed that the green backlight on the screen makes it difficult to read the display in some lighting conditions.

We liked the handset and found all the buttons easy to press and intuitively laid out. Compact and unobtrusive base.

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No answering machine. The Panasonic KX-TGS has more features than any other phone we tested, and though these features require a more involved set-up than others, it can be worth it so you never miss an important call. It has all the standard features: It also adds premium functions like talking caller ID, headset jacks on each handset, excellent battery life, backup battery function and call block up to numbers.

What sets this phone apart from other cordless phones we reviewed is its cell phone integration. The base of this Panasonic phone also has a USB port so you can charge your mobile phone too. However, this cordless phone is more complicated than other models. For example, most other phones with call blocking features have a dedicated button for that function, but this model requires a code to do the same thing.

Cell phone integration.

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Supports Most Handsets. The cordless phone and answering machine system comes with one handset but can support up to 12, which is more than any other phone we reviewed. Aside from being usefully expandable, the CRL also has great features for people with visual or hearing impairments. Ahoy ahoy! Here's a home phone that looks and functions just as a home phone should in You can connect up to four Android smartphones to it via Wi-Fi, and then use it to take mobile calls or make calls to numbers from a mobile phonebook.

Buy now. Pleasingly simple in design and function, it achieves excellent call quality with its onboard Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology DECT — the radio tech used in most of the best cordless landlines. The downside is that what the Retro has in style, it lacks in contemporary function. Though this may look like an old rotary phone, it turns out to be button-operated, which is clearly a more convenient mechanism, but perhaps not as satisfying to the forefinger.

The BT Big Button has one job and one job alone: And on that score, it does very well indeed.

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No photograph can convey the sheer bigness of its buttons, which stand out clearly in contrasting dark blue. Frankly, the Big Button is not winning any beauty pageants — but then again, nor is any other BT home phone.

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It performs excellently, with an indoor range of up to m. Its answer machine is pretty beefy too, with up to 40 minutes recording time. Its phone book stores up to names and numbers, and it also features nuisance call control. We can see it strongly appealing to those seeking a simple, sensible solution.

The fabulously functional BT Essential Phone Y comes in sets with two, three or four handsets to meet this need. And it does its job very well. Their sound quality is outstanding, they can block numbers at the press of a button, and they can jointly store up to contacts. This smart-looking, office-style phone is designed especially for the hard of hearing, with a simple dial enabling the user to turn the volume up and down.

About one-in-six Brits has hearing loss, so we reckon this is all just as well. Aside from its high-volume features, the Magna boasts caller ID, a phonebook with support for up to 50 entries, and a high contrast keys to make dialling easier. Manchester-based GPO has made quite a name for itself as a maker of retro household electronics — and the Carrington Classic Corded Phone looks sure to cement that reputation.

Stout, stylish and true to vintage telephone form, it would arguably make a far more attractive addition to your home than any contemporary-style model. If you need an answer phone or a digital address book, look elsewhere. It does, however, have space for a good, old-fashioned paper phone book, courtesy of its pull-out note tray.

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  7. Please note: If you prefer the retro look and are nonplussed by cutting-edge features, go for the Wild and Wolf Retro instead. IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

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