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Then, those T9 references could have been done away with on touch-only devices. Starting a new town with your immigrant. The world is viewed from a isomorphic perspective, and there is no zoom control.

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This makes selecting items on screen very difficult indeed. Since it was running on a graphics accelerated Symbian3 device, I had hoped that there would have been some zoom functionality. Alas not, and it proved to be tricky on an N8 with a 3. The game has not been written with touch devices in mind and, instead, touch functionality feels like it has been added as an afterthought. Where have we seen that before?! Neighbouring civilisations soon start visiting, and cluttering up your screen!

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We then have to consider the question of whether this is an appropriate genre for mobile devices. However, would you really want to do that on a mobile phone? However, for the majority of mobile gamers this sort of game is not appropriate. The graphics are small but wonderfully detailed and the soundtrack to the game sets the mood perfectly, changing style depending on whether you're building, fighting or training. I found the menu system a little confusing and at first you'll struggle to know exactly what you're doing as you try to suss out the controls though.

As a result, I found Revival difficult to get into, yet with a bit of persistence you get the hang of the way it works, and start to relish the prospect of battle. If you're a fan of God games and if you have the patience, Revival makes for a great download for your mobile phone. Revival is a turn-based military strategy game in the tradition of the World-famous game title, "Civilization". The player will have to explore continents, direct the battles on land and sea, build towns, develop the science and uphold the economical balance of his empire.

The game functions of Revival are at the level of high-quality strategy games for PC and console.

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The game combines features rare for mobile games, such as absolute freedom of actions, a variety of techniques, and the uniqueness of every strategical situation. The game's artificial intelligence AI deserves special mentioning. The program opponents follow the same rules as the player, share his conditions and compete with each other up to six opponents.

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And, in spite of that, even the most experienced players will have to do their best to win. Symbian Games Strategy Revival Military strategy game in the style of Civilization If you're a budding megalomaniac then chances are you've enjoyed playing classic strategy games like Civilization and Populus in the past.

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It's awkward, but you soon get used to it. Dec 15, Messages: So I just looked on the android market, and it has a grand average of just under two stars. Most people citing completely unplayable controls. Think I'll take a pass. Shame, looks fun. Polycrates , Jul 14, Nov 18, Messages: I bough via paid sms from developers page for one of my phones with java, but this phone have small display so it looked more bad than "Revival Deluxe" previous version , also phone crashed losing memory, so I will have to buy it once again, and it is pity that it does not want to work on my 2nd phone with larger display, while "Revival Deluxe" does.

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revival 2 mobile game download Revival 2 mobile game download
revival 2 mobile game download Revival 2 mobile game download
revival 2 mobile game download Revival 2 mobile game download
revival 2 mobile game download Revival 2 mobile game download
revival 2 mobile game download Revival 2 mobile game download

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