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It a totally miss managed service that Sony India is giving. I am totally unsatisfied with the service. I remember Sony war known fron its brand and service but I think now a days its not. I am totally unsatisfied. After upgrading to Android 4 touch sounds and screen lock sounds got disabled. I purchased the captioned camera DSC but it does not have facility to view the photo thru TV. I want to know that how USB Movies can be played because when i tried to play movies which are in. Also with other video format like avi or mpg it shows the message "Play back not available".

So what does the message mean? An urgent reply will be very much appreciated. But your TV will not support all formats such as. You TV shows the message "Playback not available". This message meant that your TV does not support. It only support. There will be no problem in watching any movies in. You can download any hd movies p or p only from utorrent in. Initially red light blinked, after some time i tried to switch on the supply again and this tie green light is showing up for about 1. I am trying to contact your customaer care nos and unable to get through. Please HELP!!! Dear sir I wanted to bye sony home theatre plese give me your price list with model no and delhi address.

I have connected normal cable to TV. An optical cable from set top box is connected to set top box to get 5. Also to get normal cable's audio on home theatre system,audio output is taken from TV through RCA cable and connected to home theatre system. But normal cable's audio is not coming at 5.

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I gave my set Model No. My job no. Subsequently I was informed that an amount of Rs Consequently I paid Rs But strangely and most unfortunately your Authorised Service Centre is yet to deliver my Audio System. They are saying that the delay is due to late receipt of required parts from Sony. They are now saying that the cost of the part is still more and they may not deliver the System before Saturday. What is this? Is this the type of Service you render to your customers? I am completely disgusted. You may please let me know the actual situation after knowing from your above-mentioned Service Centres.

Water was gone inside my Sony cyber-shot camera. Please advice on that. I am having sony e hometheater. See Mobile Website Version. Please enable Javascript in your browser. You will not be able to use some features! India Customer Care. Follow us on: Updated on Saturday, 3 October - Toll free Number s: Contact Sony India Online. Sony India Quick Links Bravia lcd tv. Cyber-shot Digital Camera. Handycam Video Camera. Home Audio. It seems like Sony Support Repair has lost my mobile. I feel very stressful, first for having spent my money on a product that only has been malfunctioning it's the second time I have to send it to repair in three months of use , second because I thought the aim of Sony Support Center IT was to offer support and help their customers, not to cause more problems to them.

I have asked my mobile back, desperately, but they no longer answer me! I feel harmed, as if they have taken away my right to something that's mine. If someone know what could I do to have my device back, please, tell me! The only thing I can think of is to ask for the support of the Garda. I purchased an Xperia XZ phone in Oct , paid cash.

In February my phone was having heating issues and eventually wouldn't turn on. I had to send it out for them to look at it. It came back about a week or so later with nothing done, because they said there were cracks and marks on the phone. This phone was in perfect condition, and I had to send high resolution pictures to prove it. After much back and forth for a week because they weren't getting back to me, I called again, and they finally allowed me to send the phone back to them.

They had the phone for almost 2 months before they said they would replace it "as a courtesy", even though it was still under warranty, and the phone was in perfect condition A courtesy So I finally get this new phone, and immediately noticed an issue with the camera. It was a weekend so I waited to contact them, but in the meanwhile, the phone started having other issues like apps all opening rapidly at the same time, and icon screens shaking, where you would have to restart the phone to use it.

So I did a repair through their PC software, and that didn't fix it. I updated the software, tried the repair again, still has the problems. So they tell me I need to do the repair because it shows on their system that it was never done. I told them I did it twice, but they argue I didn't.

I explained how they're wrong with the IMEI number showing the wrong model number, and they're wrong that I didn't do the repair because I did it two times, but they still continue to say that I'm wrong, and they're right. I know for a fact I did everything correctly, I know what kind of a phone I have, I even still have the XZ box, but according to them, I'm still wrong. Their supervisor was too busy to talk with me, so here I am, writing this review, at the worst possible time for Sony. I am so sorry I ever bought this phone.

I feel as if Sony doesn't want to warranty their product.

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I'm starting to wonder if this is the reason US phone carriers stopped carrying Sony phones. I purchased a Sony Xperia Z5. It seemed to be a great phone. After using the phone for a year it was dull with normal use. On the Sony website the Z5 is advertised as waterproof and that this photo editing can be rinsed under a tap. After lightly rinsing my phone it was dead.

I called my service provider Bell Canada and they told me "There no warranty if yours get wet" and was told to contact Sony directly. The Sony support was very clear. Sony phones are not covered for liquid damage and if the phone has liquid damage it is not repairable. In my mind I say this false advertising. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof and take very good underwater photos, I would not go deeper than just under the surface.

In 3 months, the phone lights blinked twice and switched off automatically. I produced the handset to the service centre and after a few days was informed that the phone wasn't working due to the rust and fungus found in the mobile. I haven't dropped the mobile in water or using the phone in rain in my senses. Even though the phone has gone through "quality checks" could it have been the phone has issues in the beginning?

Consumers use the instruments based on the quality check marks. However this has gone way beyond our imagination. Was informed Motherboard stopped working and that I need to pay off to get it fixed even though it's in the warranty period. I feel like head on shoulders with the way things are turning out.

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Sony Xperia M5 - I purchased two mobiles on Am facing problem in both with battery. One is almost dead, blank screen not. Nothing working. We have requested all customer please don't buy Sony Xperia Xa Dual. Because I have purchase new mobile Dt. I have submit mobile 4 time submit in Service centre. Every time new problems coming. Very bad service. Sony service centre not response properly.

Mobile heating problem so display black marks. Battery life very bad only 5 hrs working. Please all customer to requested don't by this Sony mobile. Soon after 2 months the head jack having a problem, I tested with the other headphones also but headphone port in the mobile was not working.

And just a week back on October the chrome back cover has been cracked from my pocket itself not fall down never. So I decided to repair both the problem together. And I know that back cover cannot be replaced under warranty. But I need to get the head jack problem resolved under warranty. But the Sony Service Centre the supervisor informed me that I cannot get the head jack problem resolved as it happened because while the back cover crack formed.

And I swear that both the problem is different and crack happened just a week before. And head jack problem is since two or three months before. And I registered the complaint as well. So please do necessary action to resolve then I can withdraw my complaint. Else no one knows where the problem will reach its destiny.

And I am sure that back cover nothing to do with the head jack. I bought my Sony Xperia Z5 brand new in November By April I had already started having issues with my phone. Straight after updating my phone with the new android 6. First my camera stopped working, then my web-based apps started crashing and then wouldn't load.

My phone kept freezing. I got in touch with Sony and followed their advice to do a software repair using pc companion. After doing that, it just made the problem worse. My screen went blank and my touchscreen stopped working so basically left my phone completely useless. Sony then asked me to send my phone in for repair.

Other than the technical issues I had with the phone after the update, there were no other issues or damage to the phone. I took very good care of it, never dropped it, never put it in water, always kept it in a case, not even a scratch on it.

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I called up and questioned how there was a crack in the screen as I sent it in, in perfect condition. They told me they would escalate it and their managers would "look into it" and get back to me with a decision. Surprise surprise. They came back with the decision that I had damaged the phone. Therefore I had to pay for its repair. So although the only reason I sent it in for repair in the first place was down to their own software issues I still had to fork out for the repair of my device. So I get my device back, all seems fine, however within only 4 weeks of getting it back the same issues occur again.

First my camera stops working, then my web-based apps, and then again my touchscreen stopped working and my screen went blank. I have been told I can send it back off but due to the damage to the phone when I sent it in the first time I would need to pay for it to be repaired this time also, even though I disputed the fact that I had already paid for my phone to be fixed and clearly it hasn't been, not properly anyway. Otherwise the problem wouldn't be persisting! In my opinion, Sony are con artists. If I could put less than one star I would - Will never purchase anything from them again.

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I am in Tanzania. Sony was my first smartphone. The last two weeks I bought a new Sony Xperia Z. I went to the shop I bought it. At first they refused to take it thinking I made it not to power on. I don't think if I will go for Sony product again. My new Xperia C4 stopped working and I called to Sony they asked me to send phone to repair center as phone is in warranty.

When I called them they said "your phone is still under testing and keep calling us for status. Never ever will buy any Sony product If I have option below one star then I'll go for that.

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My experience Sony is very bad, it's never happened with after Samsung, even Micromax service is very nice or Samsung also not suffer me like that. Sony is worst. I asked them about my phone. January 7, Retrieved January 21, The Times Of India. May 23, Retrieved May 22, July 2, Android Authority. Phone Arena. Retrieved December 21, Apple gazes down at the rat trap". Associated Press.

Retrieved November 18, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Focus on profitability over scale". The Verge. Vox Media. Sony Mobile. NTT docomo. Archived from the original on December 21, February 28, January 18, January 17, January 16, January 22, Sony Ericsson. January 20, January 19, Marketing Week. May 21, June 26, Sony and Ericsson mobile products. F Fi Ki.

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