Youtube not working on iphone

Part1. YouTube Errors and Fixes

But what if all of a sudden YouTube stops working on your iPhone? What will you do now? In this new article, we will walk you through the guides on how to resolve this problem in no time. Many iPhone and iPad users recently reported that they experience some issues while watching videos on YouTube. We have compiled the reported issues and also found the best solution to each.

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This is the most common YouTube error you will encounter while you are anticipating your favorite music video. Youtube app playback error. Your YouTube can play videos either you are a guest but with limited access or have a Google account for seamless and full access. You only need to log in or register if needed. Black screen usually happens when the YouTube video is embedded on a website and if you play the video, only the black screen appears. Youtube video black screen mode.

If the problem lies on the website itself then you may opt to notify the site or simply find the video on the YouTube app. Youtube video not available to watch. This problem points out to weak with no internet connection. All you need is to check the Wi-Fi signal or the mobile data. You can turn the Wi-Fi on and off, the same with mobile data. If the issue occurs you can forget the Wi-Fi and then reconnect by entering the password on the iPhone. Youtube video not loading on the device. When the issue YouTube not working on iPhone strikes, all you need to do is to follow these guides we have compiled and surely your favorite app will be fixed sooner.

Leave it off for about 2 minutes and then turn it back on. Updates bring about bug fixes and will resolve various software glitches. The app will be displayed if there is an available update.

  • How to Fix YouTube Not Working on iPhone;
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  • Why is YouTube Not working on my iPhone?

First, close the app by pressing the Home button twice. App switcher will now open and you will see all the apps being used currently. Swipe the YouTube app upwards to close it. Check if the problem still occurs. You can simply sign back in after re-installing it. The Internet can be the main culprit at most times but then you have to verify if it really is in this case. Check your wireless connection if the internet has the stable and strong signal or if your mobile data is really connected.

After you have reset the network, your device will reboot.


[Quick Fix]YouTube Not Working/Playing on iPhone/iPad in iOS 11? Solutions Here! - EaseUS

However, we strongly believe that if you follow the recommended methods to fix the said issue above, then you can be certain that your YouTube will start working smoothly again! In case that the issue worsens and it boils down to a software-related problem, you need to check on the iOS system. Simply download and install the Free Version program and follow the onscreen instructions and you are good to go! Fix Youtube App not Working Problem. How to help youtube app fixed on iPhone devices for you?

This video gives you the full solution. Click to watch this Video and you can get it. Another great fix to get your YouTube running again on your iPhone is to reset the network settings. If you go between a lot of wi-fi and different service areas, this can sometimes cause glitches within the iPhone that results in bad service or connection. This step wont delete in data or contacts on your iPhone so you wont have to worry about backing up. This is a pretty strange step, but it has had a lot of success for iPhone users in the forums.

For this step you simply want to turn off your Wi-Fi and bluetooth and then toggle them on and off a few times.

Fix YouTube Not Working On iPhone

Strange right? You can access these settings by sliding up from the bottom of your iPhone or going into the Settings app. If you are a heaver user of apps on you iPhone then this might be the fix for you! One tell tale sign of full RAM is that your apps will become very sluggish even though you might have the newest model and be on fast internet.

Part2. Fix YouTube Not Working on iPhone

But fortunately there is a way to clear the RAM! First you want to hold down the power button until the iPhone asks you to slide to power off. From here you want to hold the home button down for 5 seconds. You can learn more about this step here. Sometimes we might do everything right but still have things not work out. I know that in many cases in the past, the problems I have had on my iPhone were due to faulty apps or a bug in the iOS.

Common YouTube Problems

Typically developers and Apple are very attentive to updating any glitches to their apps and software, so its always best to check for updates. I would reccomend trying both of these steps to fix the YouTube not working on iPhone problem. Another great step to try and resolve this YouTube issue is to toggle on and off AirPlane mode. This fix is very similar to reset the network settings.

Youtube App Not Working On Iphone 6s Fix -

When you do this, it gets the iPhone to reconnect to the network or Wi-Fi zone which can then allow the videos to load agin. While this step may be a long shot, there has been some reports that it is successful among some iPhone users. You simply have to delete the App from your iPhone then go into the App store then re download the YouTube app. This can sometimes eliminate any glitches that may have occurred when originally downloading the app.

Last but no least it ultimate inhalation, see below… this is not endorsed!

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