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Well, guess Cobalt's patched that in then! That's awesome, distinctly remember Hub keeping the keyboard from learning anything but now that that's not a problem anymore i'll just remove it. Thanks for the tip: Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis. Awesome keyboard if you're using 2 languages too. It automatically detects the language and provides you with suggestions in that language. You need to set it up but it works perfectly. I've been using Textra for years, but once I got the S8 I get failed sent notifications on the regular, but the messages are actually sending.

So, after months of using Gboard on my S8, I switched back to the stock keyboard : GalaxyS8

I'm getting that now actually! Especially annoying when I send the same message twice thinking it's only gone through once. I used Android Messages in the past and liked it. I wish there's an option to delete messages after a certain amount. I used Android Messages for a long time but I had some issues with not receiving messages so I switched back to default. This is my problem too. I prefer Gboard and Android Messages. But twice now I've tried using Android Messages and there are periods where I receive no text messages.

I'm stuck back on stock messages. Do you have an unlocked S8? I have been looking into a Fossil smartwatch that runs Android Wear. Was thinking of installing Android Messages if I go that route but now I am not sure. I got frustrated with the phone app and decided to switch to truecaller, it came with a neat messaging app and decided to ditch both although now, my gear S3 doesn't get me the sms notifications because it requires samsungs messaging app. My s2 watch shows my messages and notifications through pulse. Just switched to pulse recently and have been happy with it.

I was wondering if the Gear required the Samsung messaging app. I wonder how the Samsung messaging app would work with Android Wear. Nice to have everything in one app though. Might be worse checking out Pulse. It's good and it's free. If you want to go premium you can, and you get access to sms on web and tablet too. I hate Gboard I couldn't ever get it to work right and the prediction sucked for me.


I've been using Fleksy for about a month and a half and enjoying it. Only thing is no swiping but I couldn't get into swiping anyway. I still use UltraKeyboard. This super old app that has no support anymore for years! I use alpha. Which is better for typing in two languages? Swift key has been great so far - does g board have the same functionality?

Now my favorite is Gboard just because the simultaneously type all the used languages without switching.

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A bunch if my friends just got Samsung devices were weary or getting a different keyboard than sgock. One of them was using a screen tinting program that ruined the experience of the OLED screen. Most people are phone retarded. I use Gboard because I write in multiple languages often and I find that the Google Keyboards for Japanese and Korean are better than most others.. I really hate the stock keyboard and wish I could just remove it indefinitely.

Sometimes I accidentally hit the 'langauage' button too many times and end up on the stock keyboard with no way to change, so I have to go into the settings and set the default keyboard back to Gboard again. And it shows 2 different keyboards in the list, the neural beta and the regular.. For years I used Swype.

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Then, over the course of about a year, it received 6 or 7 updates that really threw off the autocorrect and word prediction, amount other things. I finally gave up and switched to Gboard. It's fine, but the old Swype is still better especially because Gboard dictation mode can only insert basic punctuation and only recognizes easy words from the custom dictionary. With that said, I don't dislike the stock keyboard too much, except for maybe autocorrect, damn it is the absolute worst.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of any. My one gripe with Android is that their keyboards suck. They just aren't as accurate as the iPhone. Apple totally nailed the touch keyboard. Super accurate. Prob why Apple took so long to bring swipe keyboard functionality to their phones.

They just didn't need it. On Android, I have use swipe to be accurate.

Fintie Blade X1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Keyboard Case Cover

I'm talking more about accuracy of typing and not so much layout. I've used both iPhone and Android for the same amount of years and I didn't make nearly as many mistakes with my iPhone as I do with Android. No Package: No Language: English Model Number: For Galaxy Tab Operation Style: Mechanical Keyboard Standard: Tablet Keyboard Full Size keyboard: No Supports Human Engineering: No Whether to support plug and play: No Mechanical Keyboard: No Time to market: Oct Keyboard Standard: Standard Keyboard Have a multimedia function key: No Is waterproof: Product Description.

Unit Type: Package Size: Ship to: Yes No.

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This answer closely relates to:. The galaxy model u are referring to has been upgraded to use any language.

Remember, the vietnamese language does not translate into english well depending on what subtext you are using. How do i put vietnamese language on my samsung galaxy tab4? Someone said: I did all 3 answeres, none of them worked to install the Vietnamese language. The closest, I got was Turkish. No help. Was this comment helpful?

Open Google Play Store. Select Language and Input. Enable Vietnamese Keyboard. I would like to type vietnamese on my samsung galaxy s4? Try using goggle translate and type in what you see if you can, but if not, if you can remember the screens and buttons your pressed while it was in english , it will still be the same just in Vietnamese and you should be able to change it back. That should help. I set language into english on iphone 4s, but the time and date is still vietnamese? I found the Date and Time but no where said International.

Samsung Galaxy S III

How do I find International on Pantech P Check out a few Vietnamese keyboard apps here: How can i write vietnamese on samsung galaxy ace? Yes you can install whatever language you want by connecting it to computer via the usb and going to the nokia website. Vietnamese language for nokia c? You can text without accent marks. Sorry, just as I know and do so far. How to text in vietnamese language? When you set up it chose your language and enjoy. How to add vietnamese language into samsung galaxy s2 to chat on viber? Add Your Answer How to add vietnamese language to samsung galaxy s2?

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How can i text in vietnamese with my samsung phone? I want to be able to text using vietnamese font.

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