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MyNetDiary Pro allows to pick from up to 45 nutrients for tracking. Fat-Carbs-Protein ratio is calculated automatically. On the Plan screen, you can set custom target nutrient ratio. Diabetes Tracker app provides net carbs and diabetes carb count tracking. The Report screens shows you all meals and foods together. Charts The most important chart — Weight Chart — shows your weight progress, indicating your target weight and projected weight loss curve. There are many more charts in MyNetDiary — helping you visualize and compare with plan your macronutrient balance in grams, calories, and percentages , and see your calorie deficit.

If you track body measurements other than weight, you can also see each of them on the charts.

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Recipe Editor If you often eat the same foods together, you can create a recipe. The next time you eat them, you only need to enter one food — the recipe itself. MyNetDiary Pro provides a powerful recipe editor — allowing you to adjust the recipe, to add or remove ingredients, or adjust their amounts. Our service opened to the public in summer , and we provided the very first iPhone-optimized food diary in January We relentlessly refined and improved the service since then, adding features requested by our members. And now, as many of our members use Android smartphones, we created an Android app to help you keep your diary on the go.

The Android app is the pinnacle of our service, implementing everything we've learned with the iPhone, without compromises. MyNetDiary for Android has everything - up to 45 nutrients, all body measurements, recipes, favorites, exercise, diet planning, US and metric system, many charts, reports, food time tracking, barcode scanner, and much more. Everything you miss in other calorie counters is available in MyNetDiary and, as always, it is very easy to use.

Did we mention that there are no ads in the app? Read reviews and testimonials of our members. Do you have an Android phone? No Android phone yet? Sign Up for MyNetDiary. You'll be able to sync your diary when you get your Android phone.

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For healthcare professionals. For families. Food database licensing. White labeling. Diet articles. Press Releases. A large database can make or break a calorie counting app, and the SparkPeople calorie counter has more than 4 million foods, making it easier and faster to track your daily intake.

In addition to counting calories, the app connects you with the larger SparkPeople website and community, along with articles, videos, and a game that awards points for healthy behaviors.

The Best Diet App for Android

Article last updated on Tue 25 July All references are available in the References tab. Overweight and obesity statistics.

10 best Android diet apps and Android nutrition apps

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The Best Calorie Counter and Food Diary App for Android | MyNetDiary

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MyFitnessPal: best & worst app features - Calorie tracking basics
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android
free app calorie counter android Free app calorie counter android

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