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Students will learn to write and use simple classes, and they will create simple programs using loops and conditionals. Next, the course moves on to cover the basics of Java, input and output, and using the compiler. Students will learn the difference among a variety of errors, including compile time, runtime, and logic errors. There is a lot of new terminology involved in AP Computer Science A, so it is important for students to keep up with unfamiliar vocabulary.

Next, the class will move on to variables and arithmetic expressions. Students will be expected to use and understand variables and comments, and be proficient in the hierarchy of Java-based arithmetic expressions, variables, and constants. Once these skills are strong, students will be prepared to begin creating and writing public- and private-access classes from scratch.

After students have learned to build simple programs, they will move on to apply conditionals and looping to their programs. The different errors that can occur with loops are addressed, too. Conditionals such as if, while, for, and if-else are introduced here, and runtime exceptions and program correctness will also be covered. Students will learn to use Java to declare one-dimensional arrays. Then, sizing, loops, and array indices will be covered. Insertion, selection, and bubble sorting algorithms will be written, performed, and traced, as will sequential and binary searching techniques. Toward the end of the course, earlier topics are covered in more detail.

Interfaces, classes and abstract classes, and inheritance are taught, and students must understand how to extend a class to demonstrate inheritance, situations in which it is appropriate to override a superclass, implement an interface, and create an abstract class. The class will also return to sorting: Recursive methods will be among the last concepts introduced, and students will get plenty of practice using it to solve problems. Finally, AP Computer Science A covers the societal and ethical impacts of computer science in the context of society as a whole. Issues such as system reliability and privacy are discussed, as are many of the legal issues that can arise while using a computer.

A key component of this course is teaching students to be responsible users of technology. As society becomes increasingly connected, issues concerning intellectual property and privacy occur more frequently.


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Learning about the ethical issues that surround the field of computer science ensures that students become well-rounded users of technology. When you download the free Varsity Tutors AP Computer Science A app to your iOS or Android device, you get a comprehensive review of the social issues of Computer Science, as well as all preceding topics, giving you the entire curriculum at your fingertips. It consists of one multiple-choice section and one free-response section. All of the code presented on the exam will use the same Java subset used throughout the course, and minor points of syntax are not tested.

Section I has 40 multiple-choice discrete questions that must be answered within 90 minutes. It accounts for half of the total exam score, as does Section II. Section II consists of four free-response questions that require Java programming. This section is also 90 minutes long. A strong performance on the AP Computer Science A Exam provides students with a variety of benefits, including potential college credit, the opportunity to be placed in more advanced courses, or an advantage during college admissions decisions.

It is an intensive foundational course that lays the groundwork for future success in computer science, both in the classroom and in the professional sphere. With the problem-solving, programming, and debugging skills developed in this course, students will have an easier time transitioning into upper-level computer science classes. Though it is a demanding course, students who dedicate themselves to mastering the course material and exam have the opportunity to benefit in the classroom and beyond.

Download it for free today from iTunes or the Google Play Store. We'll help you get the scores you need! Learn More. Your Full Name. Phone Number. Zip Code. They can even create their own using text, audio, or photos to optimize the study experience to fit their own unique learning style. The app helps students build up historical knowledge and their ability to analyze concepts and events.

It helps to begin studying well in advance of the AP European History exam, so prospective colleges will see students in the best light possible. By getting into the habit of studying and practicing using relevant materials, students can make the most of their time. If you are a high school student who enjoys learning about Western civilization, the AP European History course might be the perfect fit for you.

Not only can you earn college credits by completing this course, but it could also help improve your acceptance into a relevant degree program at a top university. If you are considering majoring in history, ethnic studies, or philosophy, then this course can especially benefit you. As you learn important central concepts, you will be required to write analytical essays critiquing a number of themes. The purpose of the course is to provide you with a deeper understanding of Western civilization by exploring relevant texts, paintings, letters, and photographs.

The exam for AP European History is comprised of two sections. The first section is split between 55 multiple-choice questions and four short-answer questions. Section two consists of one document-based question and one essay question. You are given minutes to complete the first section and 90 minutes for the second, totaling three hours and 15 minutes altogether.

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When studying the AP European course, you will learn about the important socio-political movements that influenced various European societies. This includes cultural and intellectual history, political events, and economic history. Some of these important concepts include the influence of religion in Europe, the movement to secularize educational institutions, European expansion, conflicts and diplomacies, and urbanization.

One of the most important themes in European history is the Renaissance, and how it completely changed the face of Western civilization. Italy is considered to be the birthplace of this movement, where great minds rekindled an interest in the classical cultures of Rome and Ancient Greece. During this time, you will learn about greats like Niccolo Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. You will also learn about the Medici family of Florence, and how their vast wealth influenced kingdoms, and even the papacy. The Renaissance was an important time in European history.

This is also the time period when we see an emergence of parliamentary powers, modern banking, and the creation of national identities. Additionally, you will learn about one of the most influential events in Western history, the Protestant Reformation.

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You will also learn how this movement affected the political landscape of Europe, and how it was the source of many conflicts. While the Renaissance was alive in Continental Europe, the English were experiencing their own cultural movements. First, there was the War of the Roses, which led to the establishment of the Tudor dynasty.


This time was also filled with various naval battles with the Spanish Crown, Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War, and the emergence of Shakespeare. Along with learning about the religious warfare that emerged from the Protestant Reformation, you will also learn about the rise of the Spanish Armada and the expeditions of Christopher Columbus.

The Age of Expansion was an important time in European history, and the course material focuses on when European superpowers first discovered the New World. This is also around the same time when the concept of monarchial nation states began to truly take hold, placing nobility on the same footing as the papacy.

Not only did this affect the political landscape of the time, but it began influencing the concept of culture and how it relates to a national identity. Not only will you learn about their groundbreaking discoveries, but you will see how many of their theories are still relevant today. As you dig deeper into European history, you will start focusing less on Italy and more on Great Britain and France. This is especially true during the Industrial Revolution.

Not only did this event completely change the way goods were manufactured, but it also had a profound effect on culture and society. Moreover, you will also learn about the French Revolution, the emergence of a constitutional monarchy, and how we begin to look at civil and human rights.

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The more you learn in European history, the easier it is to see how events shaped our modern world. This is especially true as you explore the Napoleonic Empire and learn about its expanding influence, from the Napoleonic Code to the French Invasion of Russia.

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Furthermore, this time period also highlights the might of the British Empire, the power vacuum after Napoleon, and revolutionary movements from the Iberian Peninsula all the way to Russia. The end of the course begins to focus on events that you should find more familiar. This includes the creation of the Ottoman Empire, the unification of Germany and Italy, and the creation of the United Kingdom.

Before you finish the course, you will learn how the fall of the Berlin Wall was a pivotal moment in not just Europe, but all over the world.

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