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Google's platform for instant messaging and videoconferencing

My conversation notifications were often delayed, and the design is a bit dated. If you're reading this, that means you're on the Internet and probably have a Facebook account.

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Many of you might even use Facebook chat to keep in touch with friends and family, and the Messenger app is designed to let you do just that: You can send text messages, photos, and pre-recorded voice messages or videos, in addition to the group chatting functionality you've come to expect from Facebook -- this is a great option if you're especially active on the site. If you chat on Facebook, Messenger is a fast, simple way to do just that.

You can't place voice calls, and if you don't use Facebook very often this isn't a reason to start. Read our full review of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone. Free trial , 99 cents after one year. Once you've registered your phone number, WhatsApp will automatically scour your contacts for friends who are already using the service. Things are fairly simple from there: The app also lets you share contact details and your location, and send pre-recorded voice and messages to your friends. The app is only free for a year, however -- after that you'll need to pay 99 cents a year to keep chatting.

Basic messaging features are coupled with neat customization tools and location sharing. What's Not: Read our full review of WhatsApp messenger.

How To Get Google Apps On Windows Phone

BlackBerry Messenger on Windows Phone is still something of a work in progress , lacking a few of the bells and whistles you'd find in the iOS and Android versions of the service. The BlackBerry Video service is still limited to devices running the BlackBerry 10 OS, however, and there's no word on when that might make the jump to other devices. The speedy, attractive app is a great option for BlackBerry fans on Windows Phone. The app still lacks voice and video chatting, and is best suited for BlackBerry fans.

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Line is immensely popular in Japan, and has roughly million users around the globe. I'm not sure if this issue is going to break the deal for Windows Phone or for using Google apps, but one of the two has to go if we don't get some sort of movement regarding access to hangouts on the Windows Phone by my next upgrade. Why does Microsoft have to say anything?

It's Google's app. They can state whatever they want. Quite frankly, Google's response that was posted in the opening post is bs. They don't need Microsoft help to make an app. I'm sure the very talented people at Google can read MSDN documentation just as well as anyone else, plus they didn't need Microsoft's help to make a search app for WP. Google doesn't want to make apps for Windows. They do make a few for Windows Desktop because it would be suicide not to. Otherwise, they won't make apps other than Search for the Windows Store platform.

Well, I guess that is true enough.

How To Get Gmail, Google Maps and Gtalk (Hangouts) On Windows Phone 8.1

What I guess I really need is an independent, reliable, and relatively unbiased source to tell me what is going on. I probably wouldn't believe an official statement from either company. That is just me being jaded, though.

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  6. Google is probably telling the truth to some extent, but perhaps they did not share the whole story. For example, perhaps they wanted to "collaborate" by having access to features of the windows phone that are protected and Microsoft doesn't trust them enough to share that information. Perhaps Google wanted access to user information that Microsoft doesn't want to allow apps to access in order to protect the privacy of their users.

    There are a lot of ways that Microsoft could respond that aren't "Google is lying" and that would help users make an educated decision regarding which company they want to support with their dollars and information. Certainly an official response would be more helpful than a forum post that simply asserts that Google is lying and attributes malicious intent with relatively little supporting information. Anyway, apparently I've been a bit of troll, which was not my intention.

    If anyone knows a more appropriate way to request information that would help me understand what is going on and whether or not Google apps on Windows Phone is a possibility for the near future, I'd appreciate it. There is no technical limitation in the API. Google can do exactly what they want. Not that they need them as again, everything Hangouts can do is possible on WP except taking over text messages. Google has replaced Google Talk with Hangouts.

    Top 12 Apps like Hangouts for Windows Phone

    You can download Hangouts here. Therefore i turn back wish to Gtalk chat. I hope google talk never end. Great and interesting not like the others app,you can chat with friends around the world with just one cl ick More. Good One. More Stuff IDK what specifically!!! Hmm lemme think! Google talk was Hero but hangouts is Zero. Hangouts is nothing with respect to Google talk. Google Talk.

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    Google talk should be back More.

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