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Why are you attempting to use POP3 on an Outlook. This is completely unneeded and the POP3 protocol is completely inappropriate for a multi-device user in Simply set up the account using the Outlook. Your devices are a reflection of the server and sync across devices.

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Do not use POP3 on any device. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I previously had an older model iPhone which allowed me to use the host name, 'pop3.

Set up your email account automatically

The iPhone 5c under ios7 does not seem to allow nor digest this information. This is why I am attempting to use POP. I do not want to use IMAP. I am happy to receive your recommended solution for a multi-device user in if you have an alternative I'm no expert but this solution worked for me. The problem with configuring an Outlook. I then changed all the details including the Outlook. Just make sure your Outlook. Mine were set correctly to begin with, but it would pay to check. The idea that you should not use POP3 is not a well-informed one and this advice should be disregarded.

Let me explain a thing or two about email:. POP3 accounts are typically allotted very, very cheaply by service providers like GoDaddy, for example whereby you are give with many of their hosting plans which is a great deal if you understand email and the cost implications over using IMAP. Most people have both mobile device and a computer. As long as you set up your laptop to physically download email from the server, you will not normally exceed the small allocation that you would normally allot to each of these POP3 email accounts, you can save massive amounts of money over IMAP which keeps a copy on the mail server unless you specifically request that download the email.

POP3 is the method automatically used by your email service provider when automatically setting up your email account as it is the most economical. The POP3 incoming server email method also has other advantages over IMAP in that it automatically downloads a physical copy of each email to your machine when you check your email, and does not require a connection to the Internet to review those emails that you have received should you need to review them in the future. IMAP service does NOT automatically download physical copies of your received email to your local computer, tablet, laptop, etc.

Instead it downloads ONLY a summary header. Consequently, Unless you explicitly request that your IMAP emails are downloaded, they remain on the mail server, and in order to review them in the future you MUST have an Internet connection. Another disadvantage with IMAP is that you lose access to your received email if you someday lose access to the email account through which you received the email.

Please get your facts straight before dispensing device to beginners as this is a way of dispensing nonsense to novice users who go around believing and spreading the same nonsense. I don't know why anyone would use their ISPs or domain registrar's email service when service like Outlook.

There's several things wrong in your post, notably the idea you need an Internet connection to view your email you've downloaded via IMAP. If your client isn't keeping your email, it's configured wrong. And if you don't want it on the server anymore, move it off.

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However, none of your post matters in the context of this thread, which specifically relates to Outlook. POP is designed to act like a post office. ONE person takes the mail from the post office and goes off with it. Leave on server is an afterthought. IMAP is designed for more complex mail functions as it acknowledges multiple devices. The OP wants the status of the email synced, email deletions sync'd ,etc.

POP3 isn't designed for that. Exchange ActiveSync, which Outlook. The OP is perfectly served by the default method of syncing on their iPhone as it's explicitly designed for multiple devices.

Setup Hotmail Email Account on iPad

Why do people assume there is only one goal, one way, one proper use, one set of requirements of technology like e-mail??? Like the original poster, I too do not want every email account to be synced across every device, nor have the same storage space, and clutter, utilized in every device.

On one very old hotmail account I liked the old ios ability to limit e-mails to 50, to limit memory size and to be able to delete from phone without deleting from every device. On my iphone I only saved those relevant to the need to show them or access them on my iphone, and thus they were easy to find, with out a search nor clutter and I could very quickly delete in a batch those not needing immediate attention or that I prefer to handle on my computer. Unfortunately under ios 7, the ability to set limits disappeared, and ios 7 and 8 loads all the email, which was up to 2.

Setting it up as imap defeats the my preferred purpose as explained above. Then tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar from the iPhone settings screen to access the iPhone mail settings. Now you will be taken to a mail screen with all your existing email account listed and the option to add new email account to your iPhone, see below screenshot. Select Add Account button to begin adding new email account on iPhone.

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You will then get a list of available email services and types you can choose from, such as iCloud email, Google email, Yahoo email, AOL email, Outlook email account, etc. It is very straightforward to configure emails on iPhone.

Setup Hotmail Email Account on iPad Air iPad mini iOS 7/8

Hotmail is not a default option, but you can configure Hotmail on iPad via the Outlook. Most email services from Microsoft can be configured using this Outlook option when adding them to the Mail app on iOS devices. Once you selected email account type in the Mail app for iPhone, you will open the dialogue where you can input your Hotmail email address and its password. Your Hotmail account information received by the Mail app will be sent to Hotmail server for verification. If your Hotmail credentials are correct, you will get a screen like below from which you can sync your email, contacts, calendars, reminders from Hotmail server to your iPhone.

If you accidentally deleted iPhone contacts, you can recover contacts from iCloud backup.

set up hotmail iphone ios 7 Set up hotmail iphone ios 7
set up hotmail iphone ios 7 Set up hotmail iphone ios 7
set up hotmail iphone ios 7 Set up hotmail iphone ios 7
set up hotmail iphone ios 7 Set up hotmail iphone ios 7
set up hotmail iphone ios 7 Set up hotmail iphone ios 7

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